Tube Toon

Here's an oldie but goodie: a vintage animated Telefunken ad. NOS roolz.

A shame about the period racial stereotyping though.

Hat tip to Cartoon Brew.

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Interesting video. I liked the imagery of the old "bad" tubes wearing scarves...cold and unmusical. Somehow reminded me an audiofile version of the Cavity Creeps. I found an old commercial of that as well (

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Re: "racial stereotyping." We are WAY to sensitive; what is wrong with giving blacks* credit for their contribution to jazz? Such sensitivity leads not to some higher consciousness, but to complete insensitivity and indifference. More unintended consequences of social experimentation from the Left.*) "Blacks", BTW, is not racist, I hasten to explain. The alternative - African Americans - is just plain stupid.

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