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Need help choosing speakers

My current system is a Rega RP1 (with upgrade), marantz pm5004, and a set of large advent speakers which have been on loan from my dad when he was moving.  Unfortunately my dad is just about moved in and wants his speakers back. Hmmrff.

Anyway I had a few options in mind, mostly the Wharfdale Diamonds 10.1, or 10.2 (is it noticebally better/have deeper bass)? Or the Epos epic 2 which is really what I'm leaning towards.  Unfortunately the closest dealers for either brand are a bit of a trek away, so I wanted to know if anyone had a similar set up that they had success with, are the epic 2s overkill?


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The Epos Epic 2 is a good performing loudspeaker at

its price point according to the Stereophile review. I haven't heard them, only the Epic 1. I would think that they would be a good choice, but I would listen to them first, and then expect to eventually get a subwoofer for adequate bass response.

The Totem Rainmaker is very nice, but might be out of your price range. Check them out at Gramophone or StansburyAV.

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Thanks, how did the epic 1's

Thanks, how did the epic 1's fair on bass response? I don't need a ton of bass, but a bit of dynamic impact would be nice, which is what attracted me to a larger monitor speaker like the epic 2. I noticed that music direct had the m5i and m12i on sale, but alas I missed out on the m12i.  The m5i was still available last time I checked, as was teh m22i, but thats a bit out of my price still. 

I was going to check out the dream catcher as well, but was unsure of the dynamic impact from such a small speaker.  I would like to avoid a sub at almost all costs.

Know of any epos dealers in MD/VA/PA?  I couldn't find any on the music hall website, just creek and music hall dealers.

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A nice floor-standing speaker that is reasonably priced and goes down to well below 40 Hz should fill the bill.

I suggest that you look at the Monitor Audio M6 speakers, which are very good and have just been dropped in price from $650 to $500 on Audio Advisor, which gives a 30-day trial/full refund period.

Don't need no stinking subwoofers with them.

I am sure that there are dealers; just put in your zip on the mfr. website.

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try epos epic 2


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