JA Sings at the 18th Annual LAOCAS Gala

Clearly, my boss, Stereophile’s esteemed editor, John Atkinson, lost another bet.

Here we see him singing, furiously, at the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society’s 18th Annual Society Gala and Awards Banquet, held last weekend in the Grand Ballroom of the Buena Park Holiday Inn. He really hits his stride at about 40 seconds in. (Thanks to "The Audio Otaku" for capturing the magic.)

Besides JA’s cancan, there were lots of other fun and interesting things at this year's Gala: Bybee Labs’ Jack Bybee offered opening remarks; Vandersteen Audio’s Richard Vandersteen accepted the Society’s 2011 Founder’s Award; and T.H.E. Show’s Richard Beers provided information on the 2012 edition of his popular hi-fi show.

A great time was had by all. But how will next year's Gala surpass the 2011 event? Maybe JA and LAOCAS president Bob Levi will make another bet.

Are there any songs you'd like to hear JA sing?

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One evening last May, over beers with the LA&OC Audio Society's Bob Levi and THE Show organizer Richard Beers, I bet them that if they got 5000 or more visitors to June's Newport Beach Show - http://www.stereophile.com/category/newport-2011 -  I would sing a song at the Society's annual gala. Well, to cut a long story short, they did get more than 5000 visitors and I had to honor my promise. :-(

In the song, I strung together the names of all the exhibitors.

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

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No more betting while drunk!


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What a great effort! Loved it! Flubs and all!


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I was there, gotta give the man props for gettin all the names in that ditty!!

Atkinson in the house!!

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What a fun song, great job!