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Anyone have Magi Phonomenal by Mark Voigt?

I want to upgrade my phono stage and I came across the Magi Phonomenal by Mark Voigt in several forum posts.  It's an all tube phono stage.  I spoke with the designer and he seems like a very knowledgeable and generally good guy.  I'm really tempted but not being able to hear it or anything similar has me a little nervous.  Has anyone ever heard the phono stage or better yet has it (or anything else by Magi)?  My other considerations are a Luxman e-200 and maybe a rogue stealth which have the advantage of a local dealer who I can demo from.  Any opinions would be really appreciated.  Thank you.


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I have one, it is really,

I have one, it is really, REALLY incredible piece of kit.


and not just "for the money" but period!


It easily  showed my EAR 834 and and Sutherland Phono Stages the Door!


Mark is a consumate professional, will mod the unit to whatever features you like, and of course is a legend amongst the dynaco/kit modifying community. Seriously man, It is an amazing unit. 

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