Last Friday Night

Photo: Tio Denny.

Last Friday night, my old band, the Multi-Purpose Solution, played a show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. We hadn’t performed since 2006, and, because we had only managed to get together for three full rehearsals prior to the show, each member of the band felt a certain amount of anxiety. But when we saw the room quickly fill with fans, family, and friends, we knew nothing could go wrong.

Still, I don’t think anyone expected the show to be as wonderful as it was. We played well enough—we were fast, loud, and relatively tight—but it was really the crowd and their awesome support that made the evening special. People danced, raised their hands above their heads, and sang along with the music.

One of the coolest things in the world is to be flailing about on stage and still be able to hear the crowd singing along to your songs, even as the cymbals crash like mad and your amplifier is cranked up high so that the signal from your guitar takes on that lovely, natural distortion. You look up and you see and listen and feel, and it’s like time doesn’t exist at all.

"Good Thing." All video footage provided by our man of mystery and leather, the intrepid Phil Ritz. For more videos, visit the MPS blog.

"Bitch, Why?"

"Rivers of Water, Rivers of Mud"

"Superman's Flyin', Guns Are Shootin'"

"50 Bullets, 48 Ways"

Thanks to everyone who made last Friday night one of the best nights ever.

John Atkinson's picture

"If you like the sound of shuffling feet, it can't be beat!" - Lowell George

You just can't beat the white magic of rock'n'roll!

Kevin.J's picture

Well, it really sounds as if you had a great time. I hope that you will continue to have awesome events like this one. There really is something about a crowd being excited that can generate a great atmosphere.



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you guys produced an enveloping soundstange. Fuck yeah.


And that bearded gentleman in the nice suit is an impressive interprative dancer.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Yes, and the imaging was particularly sexy.