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Jolida JD 100A vs. Cambridge Audio Azur 650C

Has anyone had any experience with either of these, or better the opportunity to compare the two CD players? My integrated is a NAD C375BEE and I find myself listening more to vinyl (I have a rega p3) than CDs, which leads me to believe that the Jolida's tubes may gave me the warmer sound I prefer. I have read good things about the Azur - and recognize that the technology is newer than the Jolida - but am not sure if that is enough to give it an edge. I also have tons of CD-Rs and have not been able to discern whether the Azur can play them. Anyone have any thoughts?

Paul Welch
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The Jolida JD 100A is a very

The Jolida JD 100A is a very musical CD player.  I have heard it more than  times at my fav dealer and from 20 minutes to more than 2 hours each time.  I did not buy it because I decided to go the route of th ARCAM rDAC such that I could also have PC out via USB connectivity.  Normally I use my older CD player with the digital co axial outputs into the rDAC.  I have compared this set-up to several $1000 and $1200 CD players, such as ARCAM, Vincent and Jolida.  Onlythe Jolida sounded beter in the treble but the CD/rDAC set-up has stronger more dynamic bass.  The Cambridge azur 650c is a nice sounding player for the moeny but is NOT in the Jolida' "league".

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