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Pioneer Speakers Review

Good review, and I'll second it in that a few months ago I picked up the Center Channel in the same line, (as a back center channel for a 7.1 system) and was stunned at how good it sounded for the price! My front side and center speakers are all Epos, and cost many times what this one does, but it fit in with the rest of the setup perfectly. Though most movies have very little center back info, a few Blu-Rays do (Tron: Legacy, and Inception come to mind) put plenty of music and effects in the rear mix. This speaker brings more than it ever should to the table given it's price and pedigree.

Somebody at Pioneer seems to be trying to actually build some decent speakers for the masses, and I applaud their efforts. Previously to this experience, I wouldn't have even touched one of their products, given how much junk they've churned out over the years. Good work guys!

Stephen Mejias
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Andrew Jones

This line of speakers was designed by Andrew Jones, the designer behind TAD Labs' excellent speakers and Pioneer's outstanding S-1EX.  I've also listened to the SP-BS41-LR and it's crazy good for the money.  I only wish they'd given it a proper name. 

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It should also be pointed out

It should also be pointed out that this current series of Pioneer speakers by Andrew Jones was not his first attempt at great-sounding inexpensive speakers for the company.  His last attempt came out about 6-7 years ago and was also well-reviewed.

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Pioneer Measurements section

 Something that really sticks out in the measurements section is the lateral off axis response graph. It's amazing what a well designed waveguide can do for for an inexpensive (but good) tweeter...

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Mr. Jones ...

If you're out there, I noticed your title from the Manufacturer's Comments was given as "Director of Engineering."

Is that as broad as it sounds, and your direct influence extends to product lines other than their speakers? At the very least I'd be interested to learn which other speakers in the line of yours we might want to pay attention to.

You know, in case we forget the SP-BS41-LR is related to the SP-FKMOICOQWIDOKSCO-334WDDDXL.  :)

The curiosity is why a set of $150/pr speakers would only be available at a few of the company's dealers. I just looked at Pioneer's site and the nearest is almost 2 hours away, and I'm in a decent metro area. Or I could buy them online from newegg or Parts Express without tax or shipping, and that's assuming the "local" place does offer them at the same price.

Enough griping; I'll get to the point: why wouldn't Best Buy want these, (or Pioneer want them to have them)?

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