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Put your HiFi in a sandbox!

I live in a flat with soft wooden floors. This means that a lot of the vibrations from my speakers go inte the floor, which starts to add sound and disturb the serenity off the sound. Also there is a resonance that will fluctuate between speaker and floor so build up of vibrations is enevitable.

My sound before the tweat was good, very good but not near the potential i know my speakers have (Gryphon Cantata).


I resolutely started my first ever DIY projekt last fridag and finished building on the floor friday evening.


Now i just heard high dynamic and high resolution recording and can not beleave the difference to the sound.

Crisp, transparent and with mindboggeling basrespons. Tons of "room" in a natural way, now i understand the difference between "room" and stereoperspektive.


Total amount spent 830 Danish kroners / 130 usd for the pair.

Result a tweak that betters the difference between my Aurum Acoustics Integris CDP and the Gryphon Sonata Allegro/Legato riaa. 

There was my ten cent's, enjoy.

PS:They are not pretty, anyone who made something good looking?

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I use plastic bags filled

I use plastic bags filled with sand under, between and on top of my source equipment.  A "sandbox" should help decouple speakers from the floor and have good results in some cases.  Others claim good results with opposite measures and spiked feet on speaker cabinets, for tight coupling.

This hobby is crazy because almost everything can affect sound quality.  Imagine all the tweaks we might employ if only we knew about them.  I wonder how many neurotics the Stereophile has created?

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** To be used in a cat free home no doubt.

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