Rega RP3 turntable (WTF?)

It was just a matter of time, I suppose. Almost exactly a year after Rega replaced their popular P1 record player with the upgraded RP1, the British company has introduced the new RP3.

I don’t know anything about it—Rega doesn’t tell me anything—but Rega’s website informs the world that the RP3 is fitted with the new, hand-assembled RB303 tonearm and uses a low-vibration, low-noise 24V motor assembly, hand-tuned to its circuit. (Like the P3, the RP3 can be factory fitted with Rega's Elys 2 phono cartridge.)

Also employed is something Rega calls “Double Brace Technology,” resulting in a highly rigid, lightweight plinth for preventing energy absorption and reducing resonances.

Like the RP1, the RP3 is available in three plinth finishes: titanium, white, and cool grey. Will other, more vibrant, finishes be available? Will the RP3 replace the much-loved P3-24? Will Sookie choose Eric or Bill?

Who knows?

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Who knows?   A year after I bought my still pretty new on the markey P-1; it gets replaced.  And now; after a similiar period of time; so goes the P3-24.

Am I now glad my last month upgrade to a Atoll PR-300 with my summer bonus was purchased instead of the now possibly questionable P3-24?  HELL YES.

I was really gearing up for an Earth friendly enviromentally sound green P3-24.  Talk about saving the planet.  Ahhh, green tech.  Get it?

My horizon has just switched over to Pro-ject, Clearaudio, perhaps Sota (as seen on TV!), or VPI. 

Thanks Rega.  Thanks a lot for semi-obsoleting your own product.  Because that one time rush of new sales will never cover the repeat and upgrade every three years crowd over time.  Stay classy Rega, stay classy.

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I thought the previous comment from "robertbadcock" was out of line.

Rega (and its US distributor The Sound Organisation) have WONDERFUL

customer service. So you bought a P1 and the next year they replace it with

RP1?  That doesn't make the quality of the P1 any less. So sorry that you

don't get to brag to your friends that you have the latest iphone, turntable, car, etc.

How old are you... 13?


Rega is a top-notch company. We're lucky to have them as a choice when selecting


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I wholeheartedly agree with LA Mitchell, Rega is a top notch company, and just because they keep advancing their product line doesn't make them a bad company.  I too bought a P-1 last year and even though there are newer models out now, my P-1 still sounds great and I am very happy with the purchase I made.  The fact that Rega actually updates products does not make them a classless company...

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I am not 13.

My audio has nothing to do with me 'bragging to friends'.

Rega has effectively left many small indie type salons with what is now considered last years model; which must thusly be sold at a 10-20% discount. 

The P-1 to RP-1 switch did this a few years ago; and near overnight the P-1 lost 20% of its sale price and the resale/trade value dropped 30%.

I like Rega.  Made entirely where they say they are made.  I do *not* care for the rebadging of their products; it clutters their own model line; confuses potential customers; and ultimately devalues the linage the Rega has built over the years.

Please keep your comments to the topic at hand; not to the members of the site.

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Audio companies update their lines all the time. What's the difference whether this happens at 1 or 5 year intervals? Retailers are used to this and given that most already offer 5-10% as standard discounts to buyers who know enough to ask, there really is little negative effect. Savvy buyers also realize that despite the marketing hype, audible difference between these products is usually fairly small. Given how well the P3-24 has been reviewed, I would also suggest that it would be a fairly easy matter of selling one on the used market for a very good return if the itch to upgrade to the new Rega is too hard to resist.

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OK- so Rega is bumping up the line a bit. Not a big deal from what I can tell. But certainly nothing they have built is obsolete, esp. anything the past few years. In fact I'd say if you had a Rega TT from 15 years ago it'd still be a contender! Maybe they felt they needed to respond to other competition. I doubt any of the updates are earth-shattering changes. Probably incremental changes that made sense and were important to keep things fresh.

Honestly, any technology is like that. It's audio that is slower moving due to its mature nature, but products get updated all the time. If what you bought last year or 3 months ago still sounds as good as the day you bought it, why waste time getting worked up?

I have owned Rega TTs in the past but do not now, )been a Well-Tempered TT for a long time) so I'm not defending them just becasue I am some fanboy, but more from a long time audio enthusiast.

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I do have a rega planar 3 from 15 years ago and guess what? It sounds and runs amazing! Guess how many other components I've burned through in that time? Let's just say there are no others that have stayed in my system for that long. And it is not a budget system.  I just simply get great value and sound out of the classic planar 3.  I know what else is out there but i am not changing soon.  And a great company.

I would also like to say that commenting directly on what someone else has said here could not be more on topic.  And when the person who made those comments makes it a point to do nothing but make snarky and meanspirited remarks about a good company it is no suprise someone responds.

My god, you spent a couple hundred on a P1 and it inspires you to bitch about it's resale value when Rega makes an upgrade?  I bet they would refund all your money just to lose you as a customer forever. Nice one.

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Ask your local dealer what happens when to the 2011 models when the 2012s hit the showroom floor. 

Buying a Pro-ject tomorrow. 

U Jelly, Rega?

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So, I had been contemplating a new turntable ever since last September, but instead bought a new cartridge to tide me over until I could afford something half decent.  Then, my amplifier died on me.  I ended up getting a Cambridge Audio Azur 640A and 540 phono pre-amp.  Now I'm feeling like I need something to match this equipment.  Back then I was looking at the P3-24.  Seems like an extremely good quality table.  I was thrilled to see that they have updated the P3-24 to the RP3.

While I'm not entirely sure the brace will prove to be a noticeable improvement to sound quality due to its rigidity, I do like the new tonearm.

Also, for robertbadcock, there is nothing wrong with updating model lines every once and again.  The iPhone has only been around for a few years and it has already seen more updates than the middle Rega line-up has.  Think before you write, please.  Besides the fact that you don't even have the P3-24 to start with, it is okay for a company to improve upon it's product.  That's like buying a 2010 Ford Focus the year it comes out and then complaining when they change the front fascia on the 2011 model.

Folks, let us all listen for a moment to the world's tiniest violin playing solely for robertbadcock.

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RobertBadcock is out of line.  He's complaining about spending $450 on a P1, and it being replaced with the RP1..?  How dumb.

I am a proud owner of a Rega P7.  If they released an RP7 it wouldn't bother me, because my P7 is setup correctly and sounds WONDERFUL. 

To complain a budget turntable from Rega was replaced with another entry level turntable from Rega is somehow the end of the world is just silly. 

Whats next, to complain that you spent $500 on an entry level MC cartridge and it wore out?? Give me a break, I just wore out a Lyra Argo MC cartridge, and promptly ordered a new Lyra Delos. 

From what I hear, the P1/RP1's are nice entry level tables. Enjoy the sound that comes out of it, the way music was meant to be enjoyed.  If you can't do that, buy an Ipod.