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Hologram Copy of Long Play for protection and analog play

Reproduction of an Rembrandt with two dimensional printing press is meaningless because of paint bumpy nature. But 3D televisions will make it possible to see an Rembrandt as it was.

And same as the Photography. You can be an excellent platinum palladium printer , you can have many customers but time and investing in metal which more expensive than gold makes it impossible to mass production.

But for each problem , color holograms can be helpful. An indian or Ukranian hologram house can produce hundreds of holograms for very low budget.

Making hologram of low profile real object can be made at home or a lab very easily.

I am offering a new idea which will make long play recordings hologram and read like cd.

Mustafa Umut Sarac





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Should be in manufacturers page

It may be the language or cultural barrier, but this post reads, at best as a sales pitch, and at worst as spam. In any case, it doesn't seem relevant to discussion of vinyl reproduction.

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