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Are those Brilliant Boulders by the back wall? Certainly a brilliant view.

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Great view that surely makes things sound even better. What does JA charge to make house calls?

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That is one heck of a view! Also a lovely speaker, how does the glass effect the rear wave tough?

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Are you a member on ""? It would be great to see you there!!!

One question - how do dipole speakers go with all that glass? Certainly a great view!

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Good question about the glass/dipole issue, since that was a primary consideration when we designed and built the room. It's possible to eliminate the back wall problem by carefully positioning the speakers from the wall and toeing in. It took a bit of tweaking to get it just right, but now the glass does not smear the imaging, and the soundstage is life-sized (my preference). There was a bit of leeway here, since the speakers are not too near any side walls, which can cause as many problems as back walls. JA has been here to listen and noted that it was the best sound he'd heard from the MLs - made my day!

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And those windows are Low-E coated of course? "Sun" glass (Andersen) to block more UV/Infra red. The UV will destroy them beautiful speakers. There is a dramatic difference betweeen Low-E and Low-E "sun" glass. UV destroys interior stuff. Proper coated glass conquers it.

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Wow!! Just love the view.

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Thanks for you comments about the glass. Since the Martin Logan panels are curved the back wave is bundles, much like the Soundlabs. That makes them a bit easier on the room, i dont have that luxury with my planars. I build a Bamboo room for mine ;-) *new pics comming soon

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Thanks - yes, low-e double panes. Been thinking about powered window shades to scroll down each opening - placed AC at the top of each window - but haven't found just the right ones.

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View is so sweet - truly nice (speakers aren't too shabby either)!

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What a fantastic listening room you lucky man !

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Amazing, amazing view... beautiful setup to match.

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