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The good folks from PFO had a "Hospitality Suite" mainly manned and womanned by Dave and Carol Clark. "Hospitable" is an understatement. Serving refreshments and lots of great stories of the many, many concerts they’ve attended and the music they love, Dave and Carol Clark are some nice people.

What was even nicer about the PFO Hospitality suite, in a hi-fi sense, is it also housed a system that was part of a project Dave Clark organized for the school where he teaches—Zu Audio donated a pair of unfinished Soul Superfly cabinets and Dave’s students finished 'em. I think they did a great job. They also got to listen to a cool hi-fi that included the Bel Canto C5i DAC/integrated amp, Nordost Purple Flare cabling, XLO/Ultra Power AC Power Strip, Wadia 171t, Oppo BDP-85SE universal player, and Pure Music Software.

I hate to repeat myself (not really) but if you want to attract younger people into our hobby you’re going to have to do more than talk. Bravo Mr. Clark for just doing it!

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Absolutely! I'm so proud to be a part of the PFO team, and I wish I could have been there last weekend to see peoples reaction to this system.  When Dave told me about the idea - I was PUMPED.  You're absolutely right - here's some Action! We've been saying it - and Dave did it! I was both honored and excited to help him along with this concept.  This is how we turn young minds onto the concept of better sound!!!!  I love the Clarks, first-class people, and wonderful friends...