25 Years of Stereophile

Sunday, May 1, marked John Atkinson’s 25th anniversary as editor of Stereophile—an outstanding and admirable accomplishment, and one increasingly rare in this fast-paced, ever-changing modern world.

John celebrated in typical fashion: He didn’t mention the achievement to anyone, but kept his head down, eyes buried in a great pile of ink-stained proofs, as we raced to ship our July 2011 issue to pre-press. Such effort and diligence should come as no surprise: It was John who transformed Stereophile, once a rough and rogue ’zine abiding by no particular publishing schedule, into the professional, dependable, influential magazine it is today.

I can’t imagine anyone working as hard or as purposefully as my boss, John Atkinson. Each day is an honor. The man sets a high and excellent example: I want to be just like him.

Congratulations, John! Enjoy that beer tonight. Or, uh, that tutti-frutti martini thing, whichever you prefer. After 25 years of service, I guess you’re allowed to drink whatever you want.

Erick Lichte's picture

You da man, man.

Jon Iverson's picture

Stephen is so right. JA has shown himself again and again as a man of honesty and integrity. A true honor to be able to work with him.

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Congratulations JA & cheers!

John Atkinson's picture

Thanks guys. Robert Baird gave me a bottle of Robert Johnson's Hellhound Ale, from Dogfish Head brewery, so I'll be cracking that open tonight. (Though the fact that it says on the bottom of the label "Brewed with lemons" gives me pause.)

Ariel Bitran's picture

it should - RJ had a thing for having his lemon squeezed....

congrats JA!!

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Congratulations John , A job well done , keep it up .


                                                                                        Tim  Soroski

Jeff0000's picture

Congratulations John!

Under your leadership, look how far Stereophile has come in the last 25 years and all the promise it holds for the next 25 years.  It has to be good to be John Atkinson.

On another note, that banana split looks tasty!


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Keep up the good work!


ScullComm's picture

How... apropos!

Take my editor, PLEASE!

And a BIG badaBOOM to mark the occasion!

What long strange trip its been...


And let me add, I've heard of hoisting a few, but... what IS that concoction?



bpw's picture

It looks more like a banana split in a big martini glass than anything, and a delicious one at that.

Well done, John!

Brian Walsh

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The ladies love him.   GFI,

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Happy 25th, John!  You set the standard in the industry.  We appreciate you.


Len Moskowitz

Core Sound LLC

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Many more John.

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John, I highly doubt many of the companies featured every month in Stereophile would be around without you.  Thanks!

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Thank you for 25 years of near flawless ...  English!

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Congrats, John. I don't know if I've said this, or said it often enough, but the standards you are setting for journalism are inspirational, in this and any other industry. Thanks, on so many levels.

Now go for the Gold!

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Subscribe 3 years to Stereophile !

The best wishes to JA !

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John you have been an integral part in the lives of all audiophiles throughout the years.


Mark Evans

John Atkinson's picture

Thanks guys but you're making me blush.

This was the first thing I had published in Stereophile, BTW: www.stereophile.com/asweseeit/352/index.html.

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

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Congrat's John on this landmark moment, your technical doodlings have added a much needed insight to our beloved hobby for so many, many years... it's all good. thank you

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I've worked for a number of editors over the years, John; in the words of Nick Carraway, you're worth the whole damn bunch put together.