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Digital Vs Analogue Outs on Oppo 95

This is actually a set up question. I've got an Onkyo 707 AVR. What I'd like to do is use the analogue outs on my Oppo when I listen to music (CD/SACD), but the HDMI out when I watch movies.

The issue is that the Oppo and HDMI and analogue outputs are always active. And there doesn't seem to be a convenient way on the AVR to deactivate the HDMI input when using the analogue inputs.

Any suggestions?



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How about a HDMI switch?

And just switch it off of the HDMI to the 707 when playing music.

Kal Rubinson
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Why do you need a way to

Why do you need a way to de-activate an unused output? You can connect the HDMI and the analog outputs to different logical AVR inputs and use the AVR's input selector to choose which one to use. Also, on many AVRs, you can connect them to the same logical input and use a button on the remote to choose.


John Rose
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Just go to the Oppo set up menu and turn off the hdmi audio and keep the video.

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I think every Onkyo for the last 5 or 10 years digitizes the analog signals anyway for use in thier DSP modes.  Even bypass is just flat DSP sent back to the DAC for amplification.

I'd be surprised if the Onkyo DAC from HDMI isn't a higher fidelity than the Oppo anyway.  I know it's a little against the grain on Stereophile to not sing the praises of Oppo ad-infinitum, but Onkyo didn't just start making audio equipment yesterday, and they are actually very good at it, thank you.  If you crack open an Onkyo device, even an inexpensive one, you'd be amazed at the quality of active devices.

Best if luck.

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