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Sam's Quote

In this month's "Sam Space" column, Sam Tellig manages, in his usual unorthodox fashion, to come up with this classic line:

"Objectivists know everything. Subjectivists believe anything."

Now if that line doesn't very neatly sum up the entire objectivist versus subjectivist debate then I don't know what else would.

Fantastic line and one which is sure to become an audiophile classic. Thank you Sam for sometimes wacky but often brilliant writing.

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Sam also said , " audiophiles never shut up " in the January issue , what a sweet guy . I do enjoy his ventures to France , Italy ect , and hearing about his back breaking SunAudio 3.5watt amp . keep it up Sam . Tim

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"Audiophiles need treatment...

not cables and power cords" was one of Sam's I loved.


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