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2.1 Computer

After looking at a few topics, I think maybe I will be the silly peasant that you all make fun of at your cocktail parties. All I am looking for is a decent 2.1 system for my computer. Is there somewhere else I can go that has a definitive answer, or did I come to the right place? So far the Logitech Z2300 is my frontrunner.

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2.1 audio

It will be hard to find, but if you can find a Monsoon 700 2.1 system, you should be able to pick it up in decent shape for under $100 and it is a stone cold bargain. They are usually for sale used on Ebay. Stay away from cheaper Monsoons as they were just average. I think the 1000 2.1 models were ok as well. I have yet to find anything near its price in sound quality.

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I bet most of us have computer systems! Some of us have more than one!

In front of me is a Monitor Audio iPod set up that I loved so much, I bought a second. It is no longer being made, but hopefully mine will hang on!

I have also heard great things about the Monsoon. You could also get a nice little tube amp from China on ebay. Look for one with a sub out.

Thanks for dropping by, and we only make fun of the people who DON'T post on the forums. Well, mostly.


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