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Ariel Bitran
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RIP Gary Moore

great player, innovator, awesome crystal clear tone that soared

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sad to hear

Sad to hear of Gary's passing.

Gary was overlooked in the 80's due to Eddie Van Halen and other greats. I remember what Vivian Campbell said back in 1983. " Eddie Van Halen is a great technical player but he doesn't have the emotion and feel that Gary has".

As much as I love Edward, I believe Vivian was right on the money in his assessment.

The album 'Shapes of Things' really exibited Gary's style and tone. Killer album. With Phil Lynot on Bass, and Gary on his Fender strat, alot of magic was made.


Mark Evans

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What Mark said.

Gary rocked and rocked hard. My ears and my system thank him. My wallet, due to speeding tickets while listening to his work, not so much.


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