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Stephen Over The Moon
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Thanks very much, RG. Erick Lichte loosened it up for me.

During CES, I learned that the Moon i3.3 would be discontinued. This was especially surprising because, as Sim's Lionel Goodfield points out in his February issue "Manufacturers' Comment," the i3.3 was the most successful integrated amplifier in the company's 30-year history.

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i agree with stephen.

i have spent 3 extended listening sessions with sim equipment. after each time, i have been very enthusiastic. i have the greatest respect for their products. the new 600i integrated is completely awesome, especially when attached to dynaudio special 25 speakers or any dynaudio for that matter. i think the higher level sim products will fill in the little bit of fullness that the 3.3 lacked to stephen's ears.

best regards and keep up the good work,


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