What amplifier(s) are you using?

What amplifier(s) are you using?
And the answer is . . .
96% (298 votes)
Don't like what I have, but do like . . .
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Total votes: 309

We got a record number of responses last week when we asked readers to share their loudspeaker preferences. Now tell us what <I>drives</I> those speakers.

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Adcom GFA-5400, surprisingly musical.

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mark levison 334,new an still burning in

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McCormack DNA-1---it does everything well for the price. They make my 801s sing.

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Robertson 4010, a wonderful little amp that will carry me until I can purchase brand new. Too bad they went out of business.

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I owned a pair of Polk Audio RT7, a pair of PSB Century 300i, and 1 piece PSB 200C for my center speaker. All blend in very very well using my Denon A/V.

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Exposure XV integrated. Chose it over the NAIM, ARCAM, and several other auditioned integrated amps.

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sugden a21a integrated amp. clarity. 25w class a. sounds good

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Bryston 3B-ST - clear and powerful, like a Canadian cold front in January.

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Rotel RMB-100 mono-blocks... NICE!

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Rotel RB-980: smooth, clean, and full-bodied, without all the extras that cost.

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Parasound HCA-2200II

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Two pairs of Aragon 8008BBs driving Sonus Faber Electa Amators in biamp mode. I can't judge the conditions within which your grading process sets these amps at Class B, but to me, the sound of the two Aragons sure beats a lot of the Class A-rated ones at half the cost!

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CODA 2.5 precision-biased class-A amplifier---astonishingly clean and detailed.

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I am using a Bryston 4B-ST to drive my Mirage M-1's. It is probably not the last word in audiophile amps but it is both powerful and musical at a decent price.

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My power amp is a Parasound HCA-806. At 80W X 6, it is strong enough to satisfy my home theater and stereo audio needs. An excellent power amp!!

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I drive my home-brew speakers through a '64 Dynaco Stereo 70. For my budget, (can you say "tiny"?) it is a gem, though I hope to one day have it modified. Other than when I want to ROCK to Slayer, it provides more than enough power for my tiny room. I will admit that it is a tad temperamental. Its performance varies from day to day, but I don't mind. Like I said, I paid next to nothing for it, and plus, I own a part of audio history.

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I drive my Wilson WITT speaker with the Jeff Rowland + BAT VK-5i, the result is fantaststic.

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Unison Simply Four, single-ended integrated amp. Very sweet!

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I have a sumo polaris 2, but I would like to up grade to either a vlt mb- 450, classe - 300 or a sim audio moon w-5 to run my maggies.

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Fourier tubed OTLs sound great with my Maggies. Too bad the company went out of business, as these may have been some of the last reasonably priced tube amps with enough juice to drive the big Maggies well.

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ME 15 (Pre) ME 850 (Power)

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Ayre V3, and I like it.

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I'm still using an old NAD 3150. I like it...

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My Thiel CS3.6:s are driven by a McCormack TLC-1 (deluxe, passive mode) preamplifier and McCormack DNA-2 (deluxe). I find that to be an excellent combination of power & quality for such a demaning pair of speakers.

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NAD 314

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Pass Labs Aleph 2 mono amps driving Quad ESL 63 USA Monitors

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At present I use a Denon AVR 3600 receiver to power my Maggie 1.6's. But that is only until I can put together the $$$ for 3 Bryson 7BST mono blocks and a 4BST stereo amp as well. My system does a small amount of home theater also. At first Ilooked into Krell, but so many people that own them say they sound great and have only had to get them repaired 3 or 4 times. Not for that price I don't!!!