What amplifier(s) are you using?

What amplifier(s) are you using?
And the answer is . . .
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Don't like what I have, but do like . . .
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We got a record number of responses last week when we asked readers to share their loudspeaker preferences. Now tell us what <I>drives</I> those speakers.

Greg L Moar's picture

Perreaux 3000 B

Bertus Wiltvank's picture

Krell KSP7B and KSA250S

Joe Murphy Jr's picture

One Bob Carver designed Sunfire drives my left channel Legacy Focus and the other Sunfire drives my right channel Legacy Focus. A Carver A-760x powers a pair of Legacy Foundation Subwoofers.

Dan Millpointer's picture

Adcom 5500 and Onkyo Integra TX870 preamp outs.

Ron Baek's picture

I drive my Centaurus speaker with a Acurus LS11 preamp. and a Acurus A150 power amplifier.

Svein-Einar Wolden, Norway's picture

Conrad-Johnson PF-R and MF 2500. Very musical and has good rhythm. Plays all kinds of music well.

John Crossett's picture

Bob Carver's Sunfife Stereo power amp. It's to bad you haven't reviewed it. I wish you and Bob could patch up your differences. He has some mighty good stuf at Sunfire and your readers should know about them.

Steve Dudley's picture

My Maggies are vertically bi-amped by a pair of Adcom 555 IIs. The bottom comes from a DIY sub/amp/xover system. Nothing fancy, but it sounds great to me.

Joe Ferrente's picture

Balanced Quicksilver V-4s. They make music.

David R.  Kuipers's picture

ATI 1505. Wins the price vs. performance battle hands down. But if I go to 7.1 channel, I'll upgrade the fronts with Bryston 4BST.

A.  Lungu's picture

Tubes....for my Kestrels I have a Jolida 302 and for my Shearwaters I have Conrad-Johnson CAV50.

Jon Orchard's picture

Audiolab 8000A with a 8000P used as bi-amping for my Arcam Alpha 6 CD player and to drive my Mission 753's....a great sound and when it gets cranked up clarity.

Eagan Clifford's picture

Rega Brio. It has a phono stage built in and makes tunes.

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Joe Hartmann's picture

Currently using a Futterman OTL 4 (love that sweet top, esp. on string quartets), which has served me for 13 years. This year it will be sent to the backup system driving Rogers LS3/5As, and a VT100 Mk.II will be ordered to drive the Thiel CS2.3s. A Bryston 2B is driving Met 7s very nicely, thank you.

nck's picture

Marantz CD-63mkII and Musical Fidelity A220

John P.  Wirick, Jr.'s picture

Different situations call for different speakers and power. A pair of Spectral DMA-80s bridged to mono, each with their own dedicated 20-amp hospital-grade line and outlet, through MIT 770 Ultralinear Series 2 biwires, drives my B&W 801 Series 3s (modified) in the main system. A Naim Nait with Flatcap and Naim biwires drives my ProAc Response 1Ses, with the Sunfire TrueSub hooked to the Nait by CHORD interconnects, in the bedroom. Power for the bathroom tunes is an integral part of the Cambridge SoundWorks subwoofer and satellite system, with Monster Cable Classic wire.

Willis Greenstreet's picture

Mark Levinson 332

Steve Nepi's picture

Hoping to buy a Krell KAV300i shortly to drive my Martin Logan SL3s. It seems like the best choice in a "reasonable" price range.

Carl's picture

Paradigm Amps in the HT, c-j amps, and SET in the den and Big Mosfet Amps for the Maggies

harry martin's picture

audible illusions modulus l1 and mccormack dna1--love the way the tube preamp mates with the mccormack solid state

Tom Haller's picture

Sansui AU-X911DG, my second Sansui. Previous was an AU-X701.

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Greg, Riverside, CA's picture

I have been happy for many years with an old Naim Nait, but finally feel the need for more power. For replacements, I am limited to a budget of $1-1.5k. I am down to three products: the Naim Nait 3 (truer rhythm and midrange than the Krell 3000i, but of course quite limited orchestral dynamics); the Classé 100W integrated (more effortless, but lacking magic?); and the Audio Refinement Complete (the current leader, lacking only a little of the Naim's pacing perfection). Loved the BAT/Hales stuff at the HI-FI Show, but it's out of my range.

Anonymous's picture

Parasound HCA-2205.

Chris Zell's picture

Threshold S500. Great amp, and I can probably use it to arc-weld in a panic. Seriously, I would spend less money if buying an amp today. There are so many things you can do that have more effect on the sound than an expensive, kinky amp. The room and speakers dominate the sound, provided you have a decent amp with enough power. Moving and angling speakers a few inches will have more effect on the sound than changing amps or cables (unless you like high-output-impedance-induced colorations from a tube amp).

curtis's picture

classe ca-200

Stephen Curling's picture

Pioneer VSX D1SII A/V reciever, Pionners all time flagship reciever: 130 w stereo... Wouldn't mind a Krell KSA though

Claude C.  Hall's picture

2 Adcom 555's, 1 Adcom 535 and 2 Hafler 9500's. Plus ..2 preamplifiers...A Threshold NS10(modified) and a Marantz 7T.

Scott Higgins's picture

ARC CA-50 integrated amp