How often do you visit a high-end audio dealer?

It's no surprise that high-end audio dealers are getting thinner on the ground. Even so, how often do you visit a high-end audio dealer?

How often do you visit a high-end audio dealer?
Several times a week
1% (5 votes)
About once a week
3% (11 votes)
One or two times a month
11% (44 votes)
Every few months
28% (117 votes)
About once a year
25% (102 votes)
Almost never
31% (130 votes)
I am a dealer
2% (7 votes)
Total votes: 416

ACF's picture

Great to talk to the "pros." Great to listen to new things. Only reading about stereo is like only talking about sex.

will smith's picture

Are there any left?

apeters's picture

When I was building my system, I went about once a month. Now that I'm content, I haven't been in a couple years. When I recently upgraded my DVD player to a BR player, I ordered it online. I didn't see the need to go to a dealer to purchase it.

craig's picture

They are almost non-existent anymore and the ones that are are no fun to visit. Glad I had a chance to experience the golden age of stereo.

Patrick's picture

I go about once a month, when I see a sale going on, or when a new product comes out that gets me all wet in the pants.

Tonko Papic F.  CHILE's picture

First, I see the product in Stereophile. Then, if I want it, I go to the dealer to a personal audition.

Dennis's picture

I have the absolute best audio store there is. I try to get there as often as I can. I would go more often if they had a cappuccino machine.

Antonio G.'s picture

I usually visit a high-end dealer to audition some gear that I've read favorable reviews on and I'm considering purchasing for my stereo system. I rarely go visit one for the fun of it. I usually reserve that for the annual local audio show.

gallardo's picture

I don't like to suffer with the gear I can't buy, but I like to listen to better systems than mine.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Almost never. It could just have been bad luck, I suppose, but all the dealers, except one in-home guy I bought from, have been ripoff artists with an attitude. Unfortunately a good number of Internet-direct companies (high-end, not pro) are like this as well. It's a dismal state of affairs.

bssk's picture

Around three times a year.

Isaiah Laderman's picture

When younger, I felt bad wasting the salespersons' time listening and comparing everything when I knew I wasn't buying. I still do, even though it is no longer a weekly visit.

Chris in Northern VA's picture

I used to visit my local dealers every few months, whenever I needed a cable or an accessory, but most of them moved away from gear that was in my budget in favor of high-end home theater. And then, they just went away. Victims of the economy, I guess.

Stephen's picture

As rarely as possible. Last time I walked in to have a look at the Linn Sneaky DS to use as a second system, I walked out £2500 lighter with a Linn DS-I and plans for upgrading my speakers and getting some new monoblocks for my main system.

Leo Belleville's picture

Why buy it new? You can buy it on the used market for much less! The newest is not always the best value or the best sounding.

Xanthia's picture

Since the nearest one is about 900km away, whenever I can. Only when travel is necessary.

Mark Montimurro's picture

Wish I could visit more often, but times are tight. I need a good DAC, but the bricks-n-mortars don't have enuff selection or demos. Catalogs rule with stuff like that.

jac's picture

I go so much that I should get a bunch of credits for sending people there. I work on vintage gear—when folks want better cartridges for their TTs or have requirements (and the money) above and beyond my inventory, then off I send them! At least a half dozen a week. I'm not seeing any commission checks rolling in, so I can't tell if they actually do go.

mike's picture

Surprisingly, we really only have one high-end dealer of note in Chicagoland. The only time I ever stopped by one of their outlets, I was treated so embarrassingly badly that I never stepped foot in it again. Never will either.

Cabrera's picture

Never. I don't feel welcome in there.

KRB's picture

I bought my "dream" system about 10 years ago and honestly can't justify ever upgrading any of my components to anything at that level again. So I almost never go to the dealer because I hate the idea of auditioning equipment that I will likely never buy. I may replace my DAC soon but not with anything near the $5k I spent on my existing one.

WalkerTM's picture

It is always fun to see the latest toys.

mook's picture

None nearby (within a few hours drive), other than home theater places that are mostly into big screens & big subs. And thanks to the economy, even the better HT places are getting a bit sparse.

Don C's picture

I used to frequent my audio shop in the past. I now only visit to order equipment. I have all the audio equipment I will ever need, and probably will never go back.

j.e.n.'s picture

I travel 212 miles each way to visit "The Analog Shop" in Victor, New York from my home in Delmar. I try to make the trip at least once a year, sometimes more often.

Maximilian Stress's picture

Can be a scary place to go. The only high-end dealer is available only by appointment. Much easier to visit high-end audio stores in Europe.

remo's picture

I don't have any money, so I get treated like a leper, but sometimes I get a bored sales guy and trick him into a demo.

James's picture

It's tough for me to visit a dealer—I live in a remote area of the western United States.

Joe's picture

I used to go more regularly, but as I upgrade my system, I find my local dealer of little help. Since they will not allow me to audition pieces at home, I refuse to give them my business.

Shaka D's picture

Several times a week. Online!