Where would you go for the ultimate audiophile vacation and why?

Where would you go for the ultimate audiophile vacation and why?
I'd go to
68% (82 votes)
I'd never leave the house
32% (39 votes)
Total votes: 121

It could be a foreign country or a big city. Where would you go for the ultimate audiophile vacation and why?

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Seeing as how I'm retired and finally have managed to build a dedicated listening room, have removed family distractions, and bought all the audio toys needed make the music I love come alive at home, why would I be taking a vacation? Perhaps the writer of that question was thinking about shopping for audio junk in Hong Kong. Believe me , that may be fun but it sure ain't anything like a vacation

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Vienna. Statsoper and Musikvereinsaal.

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Martin Logan factory

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Maybe to some famous recording studio.

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New York: it has it all and then some

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My one and only music festival held every 4th of July in rural IL: Cornerstone. Not so much for the great sounding tunes, but for the amount of music offered over a four day period is simply amazing and all for one price! That's just me though! It's a lot of walking from event to event and then you have to pick who you want to see, because often your favorite artists overlap and you can't be at both places at once! It's a bit like roughing it because you're sleeping in a tent or RV. It's not for everyone, but it's been fun both times I went and I always want to go every year! Perhaps next summer will be my third visit to Bushnell, IL!

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England. I subscribe to Grammaphone and the schedule of classical music during the summer always kicks up my interest. I sure wish I could go., It is a life long-dream to go to Germany for Wagner's Ring.

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Touring used record shops in the British Isles or, for more adventure, amp and cartridge shopping in Japan, hoping in both cases to be invited over for a listen.

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The Opera House in Vienna—it's been written that it is one of the best places in the world to listen to music!

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Audio Federation , Boulder Colorado. Beautiful top-end systems on display. What more could you want?

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For this kind of vacations, I would like to go to the biggest city possible with dealers with decent demo rooms for every brand—maybe NYC or LA?

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My dream was one day to visit New Orleans. Don't know if it will regain its old status again.

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Tokyo, Japan. Horns and tubes—very cool.

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Denver. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. I get to listen to $500,000 systems I have no hope of ever owning.

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I'd go back in time to the premier of Beethoven's 9th.

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New Orleans, Carnegie, SXSW, Austin, somewhere special for live music—the only "ultimate audiophile" thing to do.

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Montreal or Denver, because shows are the best places to see what's on the market—even if you can only sort of hear what it all sounds like. (The New York shows were killed by the cost structure, I guess.) I have lots of great, live, unamplified music where I live, much of it free, so I don't need to travel for that.

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Japan. I live in NYC, which has quite a few high-end emporiums and plenty of live music of all genres. But if I was to visit someplace else, I think I'd go to Japan and check out their high-end scene.

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I'd rent a big van, borrow a bunch of equipment to audition from local dealers, and snuggle down in my listening chair. Ah, bliss!

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Carnegie Hall, that's why I live in New York.

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Stores in Akihabara, Japan have the world's most expensive hi-fi gear. Much of that gear is made in the USA, but not sold in America.

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Deutsche Grammophone headquarters

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I like spending time in Singapore and Hong Kong where you can see most high-end products in just a couple of buildings. Also, they don't treat you like idiots like the jerks in the NYC shops.

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Consumer shows are always fun.

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New Orleans and just wander back and forth between Jimbeaux's and d.b.a.—all night, every night.

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Lawrence, Kansas. To see the Martin Logan factory, of course. If I'm lucky, maybe they would give me some old Staements that they were going to throw away!

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I am going to Hong Kong and attend their hi-fi show in August next month. I like how their retail stores are concentrated on one highrise building in certain areas.