Are you still interested in CD players?

Discs may be getting passé, but the technology keeps maturing and most music is still released on CD. Besides, deals on used discs also abound. Are you still interested in CD players?

Are you still interested in CD players?
Yes I plan to keep buying them
48% (240 votes)
Yes, I will buy one last player
12% (60 votes)
Maybe, I'm not sure yet
10% (51 votes)
No, unless my current player dies prematurely
15% (73 votes)
No, I'll never buy another disc player
15% (75 votes)
Total votes: 499

Paul Luscusk's picture

LPs are still my main choice, but I do play CDs.

Ron's picture

A new disc player or computer audio is in my future.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

A needle in the groove beats a laser in the pits every time. I never fell for the CD ploy, nor have I ever owned a CD player.

Al Earz's picture

Yes, since I have so much invested in CDP and CD library I will continue to buy. Or at least till I can get a high-end 8-track to play my "audiophile" collection.

Dave M's picture

I just can't get involved in transferring my CD collection onto hard drive. I will ride it out with CD players as long as possible.

Jari N, Finland's picture

CD is currently the cheapest media to store music on, quality-wise.

DFS - Milwaukee's picture

While they might be getting passé, I've got tens of kilobucks invested in discs and don't have the time to spend perhaps a thousand hours ripping them all to a failure-prone hard disk. All moving parts will eventually fail, so I buy dirt cheap DVD players and run 'em through a Musical Fidelity DAC. Most of the performance for a fraction the price....

Oliver's picture

I have a CD/SACD/DVD-A Player. If it dies, I will need a new one, no question.

Laurent's picture

I would consider buying another disc player, provided it functioned as a DAC as well, like Cambridge Audio's 840c for example. It would be good to have the option to play discs, but it's absolutely necessary that your digital source is flexible to accept signals from computers, streamers, and the like at this point...

Chris V's picture

The promise of uncompressed digital audio delivered wirelessly from a central computer and controlled remotely by my iPhone is worth investigating. I'm not sure about abandoning all disc formats yet, though.

Austin's picture

I'll never buy another.

Mark's picture

I just bought a new CD player this year and if it breaks I will either fix it or replace it. CDs are still the best medium for music that isn't hampered by DRM.

Gino Lorenzelli's picture

And cd recorders, too, Yamaha give us back your HD CD recorder!

Pawel from Poland's picture

Only audio and video hi-res files

Ken Anderssen's picture

I have several thousand CDs and have never downloaded any music. I'm too old to go through another format change and have no patience for PCs/music servers. I'll play my discs until I expire.

andy swan's picture

i have loads of CDs.

Carlos's picture

Yes of course. It is the last bastion of recorded music ritual. Now, the format is mature and nearly transparent in good recorded material.

darkwave's picture

Please also with SACD!

Nick's picture

Absolutely, lots of jazz and classical in the second hand CD stores, coupled with todays modern players. What more could one ask for?

Oli Butcher, Cardiff's picture

If more high-definition content becomes available, then I would ditch the CD player for a media player but until then, there isn't much point.

Pete's picture

I'll never buy another stand-alone CD player—computer audio is a much cheaper and more convenient alternative. Mac Mini based system (with SSD & 4GB of memory) coupled with a 1TB firewire drive holds uncompressed (AIFF) 1800 CDs, allows for true high-definition digital (24/88.2; 24/96; 24/176.4; 24/192), is constantly upgradable, and with my outboard Wavelength USBDAC sounds as good or better than any CD player I've heard. The CD player is dead, long live computer audio.

NeilD's picture

Yes, but also going to add a computer input for hi-rez files.

Dwight Yoakam's picture

Does anyone care about audio quality anymore? I'd like to buy a "good" CD player, but can one be found under $300?

Mike Levchak's picture

With digital mastering in 96/24 and 192/24, CD music quality has come a long way from the early days. It is a convenient medium and I refuse to "buy" anything without getting a hard copy: music, movies, or software. I still enjoy vinyl for critical listening but do not mind CD (especially HDCD, XRCD, and SACD) for casual listening.

Doug's picture

I'll be optimistic and hope that I buy two or three more. My old Arcam Alpha 8 had done well for more than a decade. At that rate, two more players should get me up to age 80. Even if I ripped all my 3000+ CDs, I'd still want the physical discs to keep and play.

Christian's picture

I continue to buy CDs, but I use them to ensure that I have a physical copy of the music I buy. Otherwise once ripped in full resolution I stream to my DAC.

michele surdi's picture

There is no life beyond my Nagra CDC.

Andrew Edmonds's picture

I only buy CDs to rip them to computer. Throw on a good USB DAC and why bother with changing out disks every album when I can point and click?

pgaron's picture

I've been shopping for a reasonably-priced, single-disc dedicated CD player for some time now, but they are becoming very difficult to find. The main option seems to be playing CDs on a DVD player, but I'm not too enamored about that idea. Still, I much prefer listening to my music collection on CDs than any other format.

BeeJay DeeJay's picture

My front-end is a DAC with no moving parts (apart from the pushbuttons but they do not count). It can accommodate signals from my transport and media server. If and when my current transport dies I will try to find a replacement for it, as ripped files sound different from their disc counterparts. Better? I don't know but there is a definite difference. What's the point in SACDs, gold CDs and XRCDs if you don't own a transport?