What is the source component you use most in your home system?

As we transition from one format to another, some components hang on as our main source of music. What is the source component you use most in your home system?

What is the source component you use most in your home system?
CD player
23% (25 votes)
20% (21 votes)
Media server
13% (14 votes)
DVD-Audio or SACD player
14% (15 votes)
22% (24 votes)
5% (5 votes)
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 107

JSD's picture

TW Akustic Raven One, GrahamPhantom, Dynavector XX2 Mk2

Jan-Petter Midtgård's picture

Turntable use is increasing, and the disc player will shortly be replaced by a music server.

Jean's picture

Tracks ripped on an HDD + external high-end DAC

Rune P's picture

Digital engineers love digital stuff. Got some nifty high-end DAC+ amps to boot. My lossless, of course.

Neil's picture

CD player mostly, but lately I've been listening to my TT a lot more.

richardp's picture

Hands down, I use the SACD/CD player the bulk of the time. Probably 90%.

MJS's picture

CD Player (SA-8001): 90% XM Radio (for new music): 9+% TT: < 1%

Ole G.'s picture

Computer configured as music server with iTunes and Benchmark when I'm around the house, LP12/Keel/Ekos II when I'm in the music room, iPod with Tomahawk and ER4Ps when travelling. Horses for courses.

mike eschman's picture

Pioneer Elite Blu-ray player

Steve Gray's picture

Squeezebox, in combination with an iMac and Benchmark DAC.

JR's picture

McIntosh MS300 music server and Sonos. 90%+ of my listening time.

Marsanz's picture

The king of source components—analog rules!

Ole Rennum Madsn's picture

I record my LPs in DSD format With Korg-MR1. And I store them on my computer network server. I also convert it to 24-bit 96Khz PCM. Then I can play my music via laptop. My laptop has a Indigo soundcard conected to sound system.

Philippe Melillo's picture

I have my iPod for parties and for walking, I've got my CDs to share music with friends. But these days I listen a lot more to vinyl than I used to. I like to look at the artwork, I love to change the side. I find it more emotionally appealing. It'a kind of useless ritual that helps you have a more serious listening experience.

beken's picture

I use my Magnum Dynalab tuner more than any other source. Followed by LP, and then CD player.

SAL's picture

In the downstairs system, definitely the turntable. However, streaming Internet radio on the upstairs system gets more hours!

Norman Chiasson's picture

For active listening, it is still CD player but since I spend a lot of time doing casual listening, I use my Sonos a lot (through external DACs though).

Roland's picture

Music servers give you the best of all worlds—great sound, complete, organized access to your music with very little user effort, and they make physical storage much easier, too!

Xenophanes's picture

Disc player, for sure. The compact disc is a much better technology than having a stylus rubbing against the groove of a record and producing mechanical vibrations to produce a small voltage. But I still listen to quite a few LP records. Also FM.

Wes's picture

My DAC made a huge difference.

Larry S's picture

$60 upscaling DVD player from Costco, playing into a $50k home theater system.

Chris Kenney's picture

CD/SACD for convenience and selection of material.

Aaron~NC's picture

MacPro w/ Lynx AES16e to Weiss Minerva. Will never look back. I actually sold my LP collection and gave away for free, my old Thorens.

Alex's picture

(Please don't throw things at me) It's my computer!

j.s.'s picture

Vinyl most of the way: 90% analog, 10% digital from music server/DAC.

Dominique's picture

ZardoZ Ultimo. All of my 1000+ CDs are now dematerialized.

tony sims's picture

Rega Apollo CD player—very,very clean sound.

Hans Kristian Elvheim's picture

A lot of good old music.

Doug Bowker's picture

LP turntable when I have the time, choice, or physical proximity. An iPod with lossless files hooked up to whatever is nearby when I just need to throw on some tunes while working, cooking, etc.

ECC's picture

It will always be a disc player, even though I own a turntable and many records. There are too many releases on CD that will never be on vinyl. I can't see diving into the music server thing just yet, especially when CD player technology is about to become a whole lot better.