Do you buy new LP records?

The vinyl boom is one thing, but do analog-loving audiophiles actually buy new records? How about you? Do you buy new LP records?

Do you buy new LP records?
Yes, I buy a lot of new records!
29% (146 votes)
Yes, but it's a mix of new and used.
43% (216 votes)
No, I find 'em on the street for free!
1% (5 votes)
No, I buy used records at yard sales for 25 cents a pop!
6% (29 votes)
No, I already have all the records I need!
4% (21 votes)
I don't spin vinyl
17% (84 votes)
Total votes: 501

kbchristiansen's picture

Better than buying a new horse.

DG's picture

Certainly, I buy new records, locally from brick & mortar stores as much as possible including leaving order lists for them to fill as they can. The last purchase included Secret Machines' LP, very nice for about $11 with clean surface and fine sound. Another purchase, a Beth Orton reissue on Classic, cost $40! Nice record, but that's expensive. I have friends that buy CDs because they're cheaper. So one night we listened to the two sonic versions of Mudhoney and found vast difference. Why was it necessary to play to the lowest common denominator?

Andy's picture

Hard to justify $35 for new when used is $4-8. But I still buy 5-10 new a month. Walking out with 15 used albums for less than $100 is fun.

Louiis P.'s picture

Not sure what you mean by "a lot of new records." Maybe two dozen a year of current releases, mostly 180 or 200 gram reissues. For seven years in the '90s, I worked in the Flatiron district in Manhattan and visited Academy Records 1-2 times each week. But I still have several hundred used LP's that are still waiting to be listened to, so I have given up on cheap used records.

papa skeet skeet's picture

Oh yeah, new vinyl, coming back!

chris's picture

Your survey choices are flawed. I actually do buy a few select new LPs, if they are carefully mastered for analog reproduction/very high-quality pressings and/or re-issues of damaged or lost classics. Otherwise, there is a thriving market for carefully preserved used records.

Tim K's picture

I buy vinyl where it is the target medium of the recording (ie, Lindsey Buckingham's latest, Blue Note re-issues, etc). The few I've bought where digital was the target medium have sounded wanting.

David Schwartz's picture

I buy both "audiophile" reissues and current albums on vinyl.

Jimmy's picture

I will only purchase selected used records that I currently don't have and only from select artists. Every used (or new) recording on vinyl is not always worth investing in.

Steve NM's picture

I gave up vinyl about 10 years ago.

PhilK's picture

I've bought some recent reissues of classic jazz albums on standard vinyl and find them very satisfactory—seems like an affordable way to fill the gaps in my collection when I can't find clean, reasonably priced, vintage pressings.

daryl, canada's picture

Most of the records I buy are new. The new pressings are far superior in quality—most of the time.

John Kieffer's picture

More used than new, and I'm beginning to reach saturation point.

Antonio G.'s picture

Living in the Montreal area, once a year when the Montreal HI-FI show comes to town (Festival Son et Image), I spoil myself and purchase roughly 10-15 new LPs at the show each year.

Waxman22's picture

Colored wax spins the best!

Pradeep's picture

Out of the 130 and odd LPs I have maybe 4 or 5 that are new! I have decided to get mostly new from now on. Tired of crackles and pops in used ones.

Nathan's picture

Although I am getting more wary as the quality seems to be a real mixed bag. sometimes it is better to get used—then at least you know what you are getting.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

They're expensive as hell, still prone to scratches even with anal-retentive care, and frankly vinyl is good but overrated. If my ship comes in, well maybe. But for right now the shiny disks work just fine.

John's picture

I buy tons of new vinyl. I vastly prefer it to used records. I will buy used records if that is the only way to get it, but the desire of sellers to actually properly grade used vinyl is basically pretty appalling. A few are very honest, but most would not know a mint record if it hit them in the face.

roger staton's picture

The recording quality of most chart material is dire, so I mainly buy back catalog, especially those recorded in analog.

sdecker's picture

I can always find interesting material on used vinyl, sometimes in great shape, for a few bucks. New music released on LP and CD can be a tough call as often the LP sounds no better than the CD. If I don't like the music I can resell the CD easier at less loss. But too often the CD is compressed when the LP is not. Remastered reissues and their boutique pricing is another crap shoot. Many sound fabulous, far better than a clean original, but with everyone jumping on the vinyl bandwagon, it seems just as many labels (no names please) sound no better and often notably worse than the original pressings. Then I have to eat $20+ selling it as buyers don't recognize it as anything but a used record of an older recording.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

I only buy new/old records, never used. But they are few compared to how many CDs I buy.

Pete's picture

I subscribe to the Blue Note reissue series (Music Matters and Analog Productions) and the new Impulse reissue series, too! The quality of these 45 reissues (especially the Music Matters run) is outstanding, and well worth it, IMO. Cheers!

Brian Emery's picture

I really want to encourage the labels to continue vinyl production, as it's the deepest way I engage with recorded music. I also feel that the current offering of a free digital download with purchase of an LP is exceptional and should be encouraged at all costs.

John Muenzberg's picture

I buy non-used LPs, but the albums are usually not new releases. And since all of the new LP sources are also used LP sources, I lose track of which is which.

Chris's picture

Buy mostly used and the occasional new LP if below £9.

audiozorro's picture

If I can't find new, I'll buy used. Where's my vinyl from Chesky and Reference Recordings?

Dingo's picture

New releases are vastly overpriced.

djl's picture

As long as they're not too scuffed or some serious gouges, I'll buy 'em used at yard sales or thrift shops. If they're in too bad shape, they'll stay there. It does sound decent though when it's clean and scratch free! New records are difficult to find in the genre I like, so those are rare instances.

Teresa Vertner's picture

I'm guilty! I buy lots of used LPs and often in near pristine condition. I do however still ocasionally buy a new LP.