Have you spent any money on your turntable rig (not including records) in the last 12 months?

Who would have guessed? As the CD falls, vinyl rises again. Online readers have probably noticed Stephen Mejias diving deep into the black art this year. What about you? Have you spent any money on your turntable rig (not including records) in the last 12 months?

Have you spent any money on your turntable rig (not including records) in the last 12 months?
Yes, quite a bit
23% (72 votes)
Yes, a decent amount
25% (76 votes)
Yes, but just a little
18% (55 votes)
No, I've already got just what I need
18% (54 votes)
No, I don't do vinyl.
17% (51 votes)
Total votes: 308

John Babich's picture

I just purchased a new needle for my Grado gold. I had thoughts of replacing the Grado but decided that I truly enjoy my current set up. I discovered Jazz from the late 1950s onward in recent years and feel my money is better spent building the collection. I have no doubt that I'll upgrade in the future.

sammy's picture

New Dynavector cartridge and tune up for my LP-12.

Eric K.'s picture

I started the year with upgrades for my old table, then bought a new table and have been upgrading and modifying it. Most of my effort, however, has been going into cartridge alignment, because it doesn't matter how much you've spent if the cartridge isn't getting everything out of the groove that it possibly can.

Saffier Brull's picture

New tube phono preamp,new parallel tracking air tonearm and a lot of vinyl.

Aden's picture

No vinyl for me. Come on guys, let it go! CD sounded different, but SACD has comprehensively bested it.

Conny Andersson's picture

I have bought more vinyl in six months than CDs in three years.

John Lord's picture

Switched two Shure V15vs and a M97xe for AT12SA (vintage: Shibata styulii still available) and two AT95SA (new Shibata stylii from LPGEAR).

PCV's picture

Unfortunately, my stylus just snapped, and a replacement from Shure does not exist. Why must companies keep discontinuing good, affordable products?

Andy Heuring's picture

Had my Sota Star refurbished, bought a Sumiko Blackbird, and purchased a new cable for The Arm.

Andrew Liepins's picture

I bought my dream turntable just over 12 months ago so it falls just outside the survey date. It's an SME 30 which I had lusted after for many years, with a Kondo wired SME V arm and a beautiful Clearaudio Goldfinger cartridge. All were ex-demo or new trade-in items before anyone thinks I've a bottomless pocket. For me it brings so much unalloyed pleasure each time I use it, that it has been a very worthwhile purchase. The only front end change I anticipate making will be the Goldfinger which won't last forever, but that's part of the pleasure of vinyl.

Pradeep's picture

Just got my Rega P3-24 with a Bellari VP 129 yesterday! It brought back my old memories when I used to listen my uncle's Philips turntable connected to a AIWA stereo. When you play a vinyl you just sit back and listen to the music, no fidgeting with your remote skipping and scanning—it adds so much to the musical experience!

D Rincon's picture

I recently bought a Dual 1219, an AT440mla & Shure M97xe cartridges, Gruv Glide, & a team cleaner to play with. I am quite surprised & happy with all purchases. Vinyl kicks butt.

JimD's picture

Turntables/cartridges—too fussy and too noisy! CDs rule now!

Stephen, some things last's picture

No, my VPI TNT VI with appropriate upgrades works very well and I love my vinyl. When they replaced those bladders, everything works like a charm and nothing need be changed. Why look for something better than perfect? As long as they sound so nice, why change a thing? Long live vinyl!

scotto's picture

A full upgrade for the first time in years: new turntable, cartridge, power supply, cabling, and isolation components.

Alex Fundock's picture

After purchasing pricey new turntables that failed to please my ears, I had my early 1980s Phase Linear 8000 linear-tracking turntable refurbished in June. It sounds as good as new, which means wonderful. Also purchased three new phono cartridges, including an Audio-Technica 150MLX. The A-T cartridge is terribly underpriced—it should sell for at least $600, not the $259 I paid. It's exceptionally smooth, sweet, liquid, detailed, and neutral. CD players, regardless of cost, have never sounded as good as my Phase Linear and Audio-Technica combo. After a long digital hiatus, the goosebumps are back.

wscottbellah@yahoo.com's picture

I bought a new cartridge and about 20 LPs this last year.

AudioGuy's picture

Just made the switch from CD to vinyl—I bought a Cambridge record player, and a whole stack of records!

Dave Bennett's picture

Actually no. For the first time in about 10 years. I've finally got to a point where I'm happy with my turntable.

Trevor Webb's picture

I'm only 17. My budget is yet too small to afford a decent turntable. (Heh-heh)

Gus Sudiro's picture

Guilty as charged!

Ken's picture

I didn't own LPs, but my wife had a decent collection when we first got together. Problem? no turntable. We purchased an NAD 533 with Goldring Elektra cartridge in 1998. Not the high end, but good sound nonetheless.

Carter's picture

Well, I haven't actually spent it yet, but I am actively shopping for a new turntable and cartridge, and will hopefully complete this in the next few weeks. In preparation for this I have been accumulating new vinyl at an astounding clip.

Jeff Kyle's picture

Several times over the past 12 years I inquired about a Rotel RP900 wich sat on various shelves in a local hi-fi shop, the dust cover still had the plastic bag over it. Each time I was told it was not for sale. Recently I gave it one more shot and was told that the reason it was not for sale was it required a square belt(?) and none were available. Then why not sell it cheap and get rid of it, I asked. Twenty five dollars later it was in my car, and as for the belt, one phone call and one day later a (round) Rega belt was on my mint Rotel version of a Rega P2. Persistance pays.

Mark G.'s picture

I haven't spent any money on my present turntable, but I plan on replacing it before too long.

stefano saia's picture

Hi i'm from Italy. I spent about $2200 to buy a Benz Micro Ruby cartdrige for my Michell Gyro (equipped with a Clearaudio Unify tonearm).

j.e.n.'s picture

I took my turntable out of my system about five years ago. I don't anticipate ever going back to vinyl! I don't miss the ticks, pops, surface noises, cleaning, turning over, etc.

dave's picture

$150 for the little red Bellarus pre, looks like a stomp box.

Thom T.'s picture

I broke down and purchased a new phono stage: a Rega IOS. I love it!

Fearless Leader's picture

I gave up the pops, warps, crackling, stylus wear, and skipping of vinyl for the dynamic range, lack of background hiss, and detail of CDs over 20 years ago and have never looked back. "Perfect sound, forever!"®