Have you spent any money on your turntable rig (not including records) in the last 12 months?

Who would have guessed? As the CD falls, vinyl rises again. Online readers have probably noticed Stephen Mejias diving deep into the black art this year. What about you? Have you spent any money on your turntable rig (not including records) in the last 12 months?

Have you spent any money on your turntable rig (not including records) in the last 12 months?
Yes, quite a bit
23% (72 votes)
Yes, a decent amount
25% (76 votes)
Yes, but just a little
18% (55 votes)
No, I've already got just what I need
18% (54 votes)
No, I don't do vinyl.
17% (51 votes)
Total votes: 308

Francisco Raimundo's picture

I upgraded my analog system with the aquisition of a synchro for my 8V DC. A fantastic piece from Clearaudio.

TK's picture

Upgraded stylus and brass points.

Brian's picture

Purchased a new MMF 5.1SE and new phono interconnects just last month. (To the chagrin of some, it replaces a Thorens TD160 mkII.)

pjd's picture

just got back into analog after 17 years. P3-24, Blue Point 2, and Sim Moon LP3.

Peter Fűri's picture

Yes .Including visiting the Rega Factory, Rearranging the furniture just to have the best place for the P3 (this included also blood loss), and trying various preamps for my Ortofon MC cartridge. VPI 16.5 ordered, waiting for delivery. I think it will be enough for a time. Oh, and I ordered a special LP furniture—so my LPs wont suffer from bad storage.

James May's picture

I purchased an entirely new turntable, a VPI scoutmaster, and Gingko dust cover and stand. Glorious!

macksman's picture

This year the $ went to a new amp. The Wilson-Benesch Circle/Benz Ref3 Copper rig is still good. Next year may hopefully see an upgrade from the Lucasheck phono section.

Trey's picture

I got the Bellari phono preamp and it is a big step up from the NAD unit built into my integrated.

windzilla's picture

I bought a repair manual for a Thorens online, for use on some turntables i found at thrift stores three years ago. I also received a Sqeezebox3 and some Owens-Corning ridged fiberglass as gifts from my mother and wife respectively. Lucky me.

opi's picture

I'd be surprised if I ever spend any more on vinyl. I have to admit that with my recent system mods, my quality CDs sound better than my quality vinyl ever did. Blasphemy, but true.

Jimmy's picture

I checked "no, already..." because I do not have what I need—an inexpensive turntable! The price of a "good" turntable is only afordable to the more affluent segment of society (I purchased a Technics turntable in the early '80s). It's time (again) to make turntables as inexpensive as CD players!

Thomas The Tank Engine's picture

I got a spanking new VPI Scoutmaster/JMW 9 Signature/Center weight/Periphery ring/Mini feet last month. Yup, that adds up to 'quite a bit'. Can't stop lovig those vinyl records. I've bought around 200 of them so far this year. If it weren't for the fleamarkets I'd be eating spagetti now, salt on Sundays only...

Thomas Elliott's picture

I just made my first honest effort with a new system. Dynavector 10x5 cartrige, Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex, Epos 12.2 speakers on a Creek Evo amp. Loving every minute of it.

Jens, Denmark's picture

My Pink Triangle had to have the motor and the power supply exchanged. I may sell it now, though. I never thought I would get there, but I think digital has become so good now that—at least on my system—the extra expense, hassle, space etc. aren't justified.

Marcel's picture

Over 90% of all CDs sound better than 90% of LPs. With a highly respected audiophile friend trading his high-end turntable (VPI top model) for a (high end) CD player, ending up listening happily to lots of music, I am even more convinced I don't need vinyl. It is possibly only the top 1% of all vinyl issues that beat the best CD. To that end, high-rez download formats are issued...

craig's picture

Both my vinyl collection and the "rig" I occtionally play it on are vintage. Nothing added in many many years.

Paul's picture

I just got into vinyl. I bought an old Technics SLQ300 and also purchased a NAD preamp and now looking for a decent amplifier.

RM's picture

VPI outer ring clamp and SDS. Is that a decent amount?

ron arceneaux's picture

i purchased a Nottingham Space 294 but am considering replacing the arm with the Brinkmann 12.1 tone arm.does anyone have that specific set-up? How does it sound?

Bill's picture

I have a Pro-Ject Xpression II, and I recently upgraded the stock patch cable with something better (Audionote ANA). I also added the Speedbox II, which has made a huge difference in the sound quality!

James's picture

Dropped the digital rig for analog pleasure.

richard p's picture

Bought a Music Hall 7.1 and a Grado Reference Master for it.

Perry's picture

New 'table, new cartridge, new A/C cables. Lots a' dough!

Patrick Griffith's picture

I never left vinyl Because from the start I felt that CDs were not yet sonically right. Last Saturday, I proved to some friends that LPs were more musical. They even admitted that SACD was closer to vinyl. You know what? I am happy I kept my 3500 LP.s and counting.

Jeff's picture

Purchased a new tone arm cable.

L.  Johnson's picture

Traded a Benx Micro Wood Body H2 for a new Benz H2s. Noticeable improvements in sound staging, surface noise reduction, and bottom-end response. Good investment for less than $1000.

Mr.  Foo's picture

I installed a Grado Prestige Gold Cartridge on my Rega Planar 3.

John in d.c.'s picture

I replaced a Grado Signature series cartridge well past its prime with a new Sonata for my Thorens Td-318. Not sheer aural bliss, but pretty darn good and inside the budget.

Don Vieweg's picture

I have restored vintage AR turntables and then found a set-up person who blows my skills away with Thorens turntables in the Boston area and I have changed out the ARs for Thorens and used his setup services. As wonderful as vinyl is, and it is wonderful because: a) it sounds good and b) we have five melon crates full of vinyl I've been pulling out of the garage and I've even bought a dozen, vinyl is in its proper perspective as another music delivery medium. Music presentation on vinyl rivals my Sony DVP-9000ES player on SACDs and my Cambridge Audio Azur 840-C CD player - even on media where I have copies of the same music on all formats including DVD-A. For me, using vinyl is now a matter of which medium I choose or what type of presentation of material I prefer. Each has its merits.

Anthony G.  Henderson's picture

Brinkmann turntable. Breuer arm. Air Tight PC1 cartridge.