What was the first component (or components) you purchased and what year was it?

What was the first component (or components) you purchased and what year was it?
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In light of last week's question, it seems appropriate for reader Glenn Bennett to ask: "Let's see how far back we can go. I caught the bug with a Knight reel-to-reel in 1955!" <P> What was the first component (or components) you purchased and what year was it?

Mark L.'s picture

BAT VK3i preamp from 8 years ago. Somehow, it brought me back to my dad's console system and the Elvis, Jerry Vail, Johnny Mathis, and Gene Vincent records that defined my first musical experiences. But, you know, music sounds so much better now than how I remember it.

B.B.'s picture

Pioneer SX 535 receiver. Bought used in 1978 when I was 16. The blue light behind the tuning dial was really cool and looked great in a dark room. Rummage sale speakers and a used Technics turntable completed my starter system. I wore out a copy of Darkness on the Edge of Town on it. Also the Ramones, tons of 1950s and '60s jazz and classical on the FM. The SX 535 got me started. Now it's tube gear.

Jeff Palmer's picture

Infinity RS8 speakers in 1981, attached them to an Aiwa boombox with line out into an Aiwa mini 30wpc integrated amp. Rocked the dorm room pretty good and I was infected with the "upgradeitis" bug

Mook's picture

No-name mono amp, 12AX7s & 6V6GTs—muddy bass but generally nice. 1966. Used (of course, I was an HS student). Used a homebuilt (into the bottom of some bookshelves) 8" full-range speaker. Sargent-Rayment tuner (cheap from a friend's dad). Garrard 50 changer. Sweet for rock n roll!

Mark's picture

Linn Sondek LP12, SME Series 3, Shure V15III in 1974.

G.C.  Van Winkle's picture

Pioneer integrated amp/tuner combo, Dual 601 turntable/ADC cartridge, AR 2AX speakers, and a Discwasher—1974

WalkerTM's picture

A stereo receiver in 1982.

Dave Bennett's picture

It was a no-name record player. I was 13 at the time. Things have come a long way from then, but I still have some of the albums I had at that time.

Perry's picture

Pioneer SX 737 Reciever

Gus's picture

A Denon CD player (I forgot the model), I think that was back in 1991.

Hoser Rob's picture

Connoisseur BD2-A, circa 1975.

SL's picture

Dynaudio Facette—1995.

S.  Chapman's picture

I guess it would have been a used Marantz 8B amp, bought around 1970. And, as a lot of people will probably comment, "I sure wish I still had it!"

Craig's picture

Quad 33, Quad 303, Thorens TD 124 MkII/SME/Shure V-15, and Kef Kit 3 Speakers—1972.

OvenMaster's picture

Pioneer SX-450 receiver as my high school graduation gift to myself; summer of 1977.

Theduke's picture

November 1969: Lafayette LR-500B receiver, Garrard 40B record changer w/Pickering cartridge, and KLH-22A speakers.

Gerry G.'s picture

A Rega Planar 3 got me hooked, in 1985 or '86. Along with Creek integrated amp, Linn K9 cartridge, Mordaunt Short speakers. I also enjoyed my Sony Walkman Professional and Creek FM Tuner back in those days. I loved music and appreciated good audio long before that, but couldn't afford anything until I was in college.

KEn's picture

I bought a $200 set at Pacific Stereo in 1973. Quadroplex speakers, BRS turntable, and a HK-300 receiver.

Rob Cohen's picture

I received a 18th birthday present from my Dad consisting of: Yamaha receiver, Parasound turntable, Nakamichi tape deck, and Boston Acoustic A60 speakers. Still have the speakers, plan on getting the foam surrounds repaired. The first item I purchased myself was a pair of Vandersteen 1Bs.

Mike Little's picture

AR-2ax speakers (1975), still have 'em, still use 'em.

Steve Madsen's picture

JBL Century speakers, 1975.

John in d.c.'s picture

Ecstasy at age 18 in 1978: A trip to Crazy Eddie on Long Island with my mom for a spectacular purchase of the reviled (but totally rocking) Acoustiphase monitor speakers (the big ones), a BIC-960 turntable, and a Pioneer SX-535 receiver, which I discovered, to my astonishment, last November, shelved at my oldest sister's, while visiting for Thanksgiving. Those speakers, by the way, are still pumping out the hits in a friend's living room ... Sigh.

Jean's picture

Sanyo TP 1000 E turntable & Ortofon SL 20Q cartridge, followed by a quadra Toshiba SB 404 S amp, and ADS speakers in the '70s.

Jason M's picture

After several cheap all in one systems purchased at garage sales and refurbished, I bought a Pioneer receiver and a pair of Infinity two-ways that had been well reviewed by Julian Hirsch (may he rest in peace), paired with a very used Dual turntable and Teac (top loading!) cassette deck. This was about 1982. That was many systems ago and I'm still not satisfied—go figure. It's all in storage due to a recent move to LA, so I've been thoroughly enjoying lots of live music with the diverted audio funds.

xanthia01@gmail.com's picture

My first "real" components were in 1995: a Harman/Kardon CD player and receiver and a pair of KEF K120 speakers. But it was a natural progression for me because of a love for music—you could say my first "love" was a 1976 Sanyo boombox!

Robin Heisey's picture

At first I had an early Pioneer Receiver and a pair of so-so speakers, but my first real "audiophile" system was a Yamaha CA-610 Integrated amp (that may not have been the exact model number, it was the one the one with pseudo Class A or "Direct" mode), coupled with with a Thorens turntable and a pair of Advent Utility Cabinet loudspeakers, all bought from Great Met Sound in Toronto (which is not only still in business, but is an excellent high-end dealer). Don't have the speakers, but still have the amp in the family, and it still works (a power supply relay in the amp was replaced about 20 years ago). The year was 1973. I had a Wallace Beery shirt, and a Bobby Sherman haircut. I can say no more.

djl's picture

I'm not 100% sure of the year, but I do remember the first component being a Teac V-35 cassette deck. I wore the heads out on it in about a year! Got 'em replaced for about half of what the deck cost me new. It was very basic with nice analog meters and Dolby B, but it was metal tape capable so that was cool then! I think it was around 1980 or 1979, because I was still in high school!

Nick A.'s picture

I picked up a used Akai receiver for $13 at a thrift store.

Robert's picture

Can't remember for sure, but think it was either an entry level Grado cartridge or AKG K-340 headphones. Best I can do on the year is somewhere between 1975 and 1980.

Lila's picture

Original Sony Playstation in 1995, although at that time I didn't know why the RCA output always sounded better until the Stereophile review. It is less harsh/noisy sounding and maybe more dynamic.