What do you do to protect your hearing?

Many audiophiles worry about their hearing and will protect it at all costs: one <I>Stereophile</I> writer has even written about wearing earplugs while driving. What do you do to protect your hearing?

What do you do to protect your hearing?
Here is how I do it
65% (55 votes)
I don't worry about it
35% (29 votes)
Total votes: 84

C.  Chasinovsky, Van Nuys, CA's picture

I attend many concerts without ear protection. I realize that such a practice is akin to having sex without a condom, but the sensation in both cases is far better. I'll probably regret it later.

JWC's picture

I always wear earplugs whenever I go to the movie theater. It's ridiculous how loud those places are.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I wear a set of headphone-type hearing protectors when I flag sports car races. On the job, I use the plug-in type of hearing protection. At home I control the volume.

Peter Kavanagh's picture

I wear earplugs when attending any rock concerts.

Vytas's picture

The best $10 I ever spent in audio may be for High-Fidelity Hearos(TM), an earplug that filters rather than blocks sound. The attenuation rate is a fairly even 20dB across the audio spectrum—absolutely the best for amplified concert events, band rehearsals, driving with open windows, you name it. Music comes through largely intact! I even listen to music over power tools, just crank the volume as needed. Everyone attending rock concerts needs these! If I was in charge of such things, they would be free at the door to anyone with a bit of sense and self-preservation. Washable & reusable!

Dennis Brandt's picture

Meticuously avoid rock concerts.

Shermatz's picture

I wear clamshell ear protection when mowing, running power tools, vacuming.

djl's picture

When my ears hurt, I turn it down or walk away from the source, like at a live concert.

Tuna's picture

I spent 30.5 years working in an auto body manufacturing facility for one of the big three, and from day one I thought it a good idea to wear foam type ear plugs or head ear muff thingys, as it was very loud. I do believe it worked, as my hearing is, I believe, quite good. I retired a few years ago, but still wear ear plugs whenever working around or near loud equipment. Nothing exotic, but when it's obviously too loud. They work.

M.Perdue's picture

I wear both earplugs (soft foam, 31 dB) and muffs when shooting. Wear soft foam plugs when riding my motorcycle. Wear soft foam plugs when I fly. Use an electric lawn-mower. Too bad I didn't wear plugs 30-35 years ago when I went to R&R concerts and clubs and rode motorcycles and did all kinds of crazy stuff.

soundtripper's picture

Earplugs at (rock) concerts.

Matt's picture

I turn down my iPod.

Dimitris Gogas's picture

I don't abuse it. Simple as that. Ask your doctor.

Chris S.'s picture

Well, I try to take the simple step of keeping the volume down to moderate levels. I mostly use isolating Etymotic ear phones when I do portable listening. If almost all you can hear is the music, you don't need to drown much else out. When I go to concerts, I try to wear the same ear plugs I wear to the gun range. The music is actually not nearly as loud in a mosh pit, but it's loud enough to make me worry. Those ear plugs I wear have a strap in case one pops out so I don't lose it and can put it right back in. From now on when I go to the gun range I will wear both those ear plugs and the larger ear covers to go over them. The last time I went to the gun range one of my ear plugs fell out and I instantly lost the hearing in that ear. I didn't even notice until we left and I tried to take it out. I was pretty upset for a few days, but the hearing came back and that's still my best ear.

Ricardo's picture

Look at a picture of JA's head. Solid state, predictable measurements and response.

acres verde's picture

Spend three full days at the O'Reilly NHRA Spring Nationals at Houston Raceway Park watching nitro cars blow by at 300mph/140db. Bought ear plugs but never even tried them out...the tinnitus kept everything under control just beautifully. Everyone should make at least one Full-blown NHRA event in his lifetime. At age 55 it is , for me, the most awesomely visceral experience I have ever partaken of.

George's picture

Moldex Camo-Plugs model# 6608 from Lab Safety.com. My neighborhood is nothing but a construction yard. Been wearing plugs for 20 years.

Allen's picture

I try my very very best to protect it. Mostly by staying away from loud noise, but also using earplugs while exposed to noise whenever I have access to them. If not, I'll try to get away ASAP.

Donald N.'s picture

Mostly, not blare my headphone listening, shoot my guns (targets of course) with proper protection, and, when listening to live music, I stand mid-field.

Mr.  Green's picture

I put some dots of cotton-wool in my ears when visiting noisy pubs (loud music), or driving old cars with only 4 gears. It is cheap and always fits. Maybe not the best, but good enough

Sam from California's picture

I don't listen to loud music, nor do I go to places where there are loud noises.

Ace's picture

I avoid loud and shrill noises, I listen to music at moderate levels only, I avoid prolonged use of headphones/earphones, and I don't quarrel with my wife.

Westcott's picture

Convenient Disposables ear plugs or if at home, a full headset designed for the firing range.

Jim Green's picture

I do worry about it. I wear ear plugs at auto racing events. I don't stand in the front at Who concerts any more, I don't turn up the La Scala/Adcom all the way, and I don't work in loud factories any more. I listen to my ARC/Dunlavy at 86-95dB and enjoy the hell out of it!

Peder's picture

Listen at lower levels.

Glenn Bennett's picture

Thank God for today's remote controls for amps.

Batipepe's picture

Use 32dB earplugs almost every day and whenever I go to amplified concerts.

Ole G.'s picture

EAR earplugs when cutting grass or using chain saw, etc.

Carter's picture

What'd you say, sonny? I am a late bloomer in this area. However, now I keep the volume reasonable and wear earplugs to loud concerts. I hear that places that make hearing aids offer earplugs which cut the sound evenly across the frequency spectrum and I do plan on getting a pair someday. I am glad I was never bitten by the Walkman/iPod bug or I would be studying lip reading by now.

Egg man's picture

I wear eggs on me ears.