Have you ever tried a tubed component in your system?

Back in the day, tubes were the <I>only</I> choice. Today, some audiophiles still consider them the only choice. Have you ever tried a tubed component in your system?

Have you ever tried a tubed component in your system?
Yes, have one right now
63% (171 votes)
Yes, once upon a time
14% (37 votes)
Am planning on it
6% (16 votes)
Haven't tried one
10% (28 votes)
Not interested in tubes
7% (18 votes)
Total votes: 270

Stefano Lindiri's picture

I've got an old tube integrated amp I've been using it in many ways, particularly when I've bought my first CD player.

Boris Neen's picture

Unison Research S6 integrated. Handles well, smooth with plenty of power.

Norman L.  Bott's picture

It is the same problem as LPs. Too much maintenance.

G.  Beckingham's picture

Only play in the winter runs to hot in the summer

Chris's picture

I have two sets of amplifiers in the main system, both tubed, both triodes, both amazing, but each fairly different in tech from one another (David Berning Seigfried vs Manley Labs NeoClassic 300B). Tubes are just devices that engineers paint with, and having tubes in your amp doesn't guarantee great sound—but, regardless of technology (tube or SS), having a brilliantly engineered product does just about guarantee great sound!

Tom Warren's picture

Both of my audiophile friends that corrupted me have tubes and recommended them as a way to go. Two salesmen I worked with were biased towards tube gear. Before I went shopping I was convinced tubes were the way to go. I

RJS from Sonoma County's picture

Audible Illusions Modulus III preamp and Dyna ST70 amp Don't plan on ever going back to solid-state.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Why is it that a 10Wmusical instrument amplifier such as a guitar amp will in real life (and on stage) get loud enough to split your brain in half, yet it seems to take mega bucks and major stereo gear with 100s of watts to reproduce the same sound in your living room, a room that remains a fraction of the size of a live performance? Perhaps it's because everyone is going about it wrong, confusing convenience with performance. Ah!, Tubes.

Dana's picture

Still happy after 11 years with the same tube amp/pre combination.

Joao Carvalho's picture

A Jadis integrated and a Prima Luna. Both sounded very good on some types of music, but overall not worth their money.

Ken's picture

Is there really any other choice???

Jeffery S.  Malloch's picture

I have always tried to eke as much performance out of my system as possible but always found that at some point (especially with digital sources) you get a case of "the glares" where the highs just hurt. And for many years I chalked it up to "definition" especially playing some of the mainstream pop/rock stuff that is available and I like to listen to (in toher words, crappy recordings). So with all of the recent press tubed stuff has been getting, I thought what the heck, and decided to try a tubed pre since I was in the market for one. One word: WOW! I will never go back to SS as my pre—ever! Music has a musical quality, a flow, a reality, a depth that I have never heard with just a SS system (any SS system for the that matter, and I've heard a few). Now all you naysayers out there may call it distortion of the original signal, but if you listen to the music, truly listen, you'll know it sounds more like music and not like a dentist drilling your teeth. :) Best analogy I could think of! Tubes rule!

Tom Warren's picture

Both of my audiophile friends that corrupted me have tubes and recommended them. Two salesmen I worked with were biased towards tube gear. Before I went shopping I was convinced tubes were the way to go. I

Dave Stanard's picture

Far and away better and more involving than solid-state. Analogous to the difference between CD and vinyl.

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Anonymous's picture

I have never used transistors!

George Silver's picture

I'm planning on having a Dyna Stereo 70 rebuilt by Van Alstine. In its early days it gave me far and away the best sound I could get on a pair of Rogers LS3/5as that I still cherish and plan to hook up again.

Pig Bodine's picture

Wouldn't live without a tube somewhere in my system. Currently in phono stage. But I still have sweet dreams of my old all-tube system. Unfortunately I needed to cash that system out a number of years ago.

Randall Bass's picture

A Scott 299B from late '50s, rebuilt by Mapleshade, running a pair of Von Schweikert VR-4s. Sounds great.

Isiah Johnson's picture

I have tubes in the CD player, preamp and amp. I guess you can count me as one of those "back in the day" guys.

Jim Green's picture

All tubes!

Ace's picture

My tubed amplifier lets me enjoy the music more.

Blue Mikey's picture

Yes, and it was an absolute, unmitigated, unalloyed disaster. It virtually never worked properly, blew up repeatedly, and neither the dealer nor the manufacturer would take adequate responsibility for it. I experienced a level of frustration high enough to adversely affect my health, and ended up wasting large amounts of time and losing thousands of dollars. It was the #1 worst purchasing decision of my entire 49-year life as a consumer. In any category. Bar nothing.

Manuel Garcia (Spain)'s picture

It's a Jadis DA 30. I bought it 15 years ago and I'm glad I did.

Paulo RC's picture

Warmer sound... I love my little tube amp this is used to move two 5" Vifa woofers with a Vifa. Best soun ever for such a little system. I have two transistor amps and I love them too one runing with B&W 802, and the other costum made spakers. I don't think one is better than the other. Some amps sound better with some speakers. Find the right match! Transistors have a better control on bass, tube have a better mids Ideal for vocals and Baroque classical ( Bach, Mozart). Transistors are better for jazz, rock, modern classical (Stravinsky, Mahler).

Larry Root's picture

BAT VK-51SE BAT VK-150SE's BAT VK-P10SE. Totally tubular.

Tom Magellan's picture

For me, tubes are the way to go!

Tubeaholic's picture

My whole system is tubed. Single-ended triodes rule.

Jimmy D's picture

I started with a preamp and liked it so much I got a tube power amp about a year latter.

Chris K's picture

Everything has it's place.