How do you store all of your music?

If you're an audiophile, that probably means you have tons of music that needs proper storage. So how do you do it? Do you have racks, shelves, boxes, drawers, or do you put it all on a hard disk and stick the original discs in the garage?

How do you store all of your music?
42% (57 votes)
20% (27 votes)
0% (0 votes)
3% (4 votes)
1% (1 vote)
4% (5 votes)
Hard Disk
6% (8 votes)
All of the above
18% (25 votes)
7% (9 votes)
Total votes: 136

Geno's picture

No matter how hard I've tried, all the shelves I

Anonymous's picture

Shelves, cabinets and wooden boxes

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This is a fantastic topic. My spare bedroom is packed with CDRs, CDs, and storage cases. Need better organization plus, I can never find what I'm looking for fast. An suggestion? Email me with yours! Plus I'll read the ones mentioned here next week. Thanks!

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Small rooms + lots of music in various formats = all over the place!

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Shelves and boxes in several locations. Really need to get better organized in that regard. However, I do maintain an Excel file of all my stuff, to include title, artist, format, label and comments (e.g., remaster, import, etc.). Might not know where a particular CD or album is when I want to play it, but at least I know that I own it.

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I have too many records and CDs to put them all on shelves or racks, some are in the closet.

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But I really, really do know where it all is except for the first Jefferson Airplane album, which is either with my first wife, my second wife, in my brother's basement, at the ski house, or misfiled in plain sight. That's why God invented Sundazed.

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Two large cabinets.

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Most of my LPs and CDs are stored on three custom built, 8' tall, birch finished, plywood shelves, built by my friend, an artist, George Dudding (R.I.P.) in the mid '90s. More recently I

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I store the bulk of CDs in custom drawers with the spine of the jewel box facing for quick identification in alphabetical order. However, the drawers only hold 600 CDs. So other discs are stored on a shelf for the time being. Looking for a shelving system that can take me into the next decade. I also store music on my computer hard drive for listening while working.

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All shelves are wall mounted within eye level so I can read the CD titles. Looks like a library but only 1100 CDs. LPs are in a cabinet.

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My racks and my shelves are there to proudly display the music I own. Sadly, because of space restrictions most LPs and many CDs, DVDs, etc, are hidden away in boxes. I'm feeling better now that I got it off my chest.

Aris's picture

Some of the above. CDs are on shelves, vinyl is AOTP, all over the place.

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Pretty much all of the above, but the music I actually play is mostly on the hard drive. I still have a whole rack full of jazz records in the closet. Don't know what I'm going to do with those when I move....

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I have had to build four sets of shelves to store my LPs and the few CDs I have. I could not find something sturdy enough in the store.

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I built my own wood shelves, it's a simple, strong sturdy design. CDs are heavy, and often, ready made shelves are rather flimsy. There are five stacks and the CDs sit in plastic trays that hold approximately 100 CDs each. I might even build a matching shelf when my collection increases in future...:)

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I consider my CDs as storage, after I load them on my PC, compressed with monkey audio (APE), & played via a LynxOne sound card/DAC.

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If you are a real audiophile, you have no idea where half of your collection is at any given time. I've got stuff all over the place. I try to keep it centrally located in my office, but ripping cds to my iPod and me occasional driving/work selections tend to spread things out a bit. You need media anywhere you have a player and in my house that covers multiple rooms over four floors (including the basement). My current ordering methodology is in-rotation on top (of the shelf or pile, etc.) and lesser played albums deeper in the racks, AKA "the no-order ordering system".

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sorice cabinets

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Copying music from vinyl or those silver discs to hard disk is asking for trouble. If, like some, you get rid of the original, just wait for a hard disk failure. Hard drives are not reliable enough for archiving music. I have six large racks which hold most of my vinyl and two more large racks for CDs.

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All of my CDs are shelved, but I also try to keep copies of every track on a hard drive. So far I have ripped all of my songs twice though, once to FLAC, and once to Apple lossless. But the storage facility I had those tracks on crashed so now I need to rip the collection again. This time I plan to keep a better backup.

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I try to be organized, but my music ends up everywhere—shelves, cabinets, office, car, computer, etc. Having too many systems only exacerbates the problem. I am jealous of my brother-in-law who has a small room with custom floor-to-ceiling shelving (each shelve being just the right height to hold a CD jewel box) to store his many thousands and thousands of CDs, organized by genre and in alphabetical order.

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I store my records, about 4500, in racks built by Per Madson of "Rackitt." Some CDs too! Well made and reasonably priced.

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Shelves. IKEA. Cheap and expandable.

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I like to hear my own cd's on my cd player, not a file on a hard disk. Computers are a working tool not music devices.

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I am currently looking for dvd sleeves? Does anyone know where I can purchase them?

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I tend to purchase the "hi-rez" CD's and then rip into my computer's hard drive. For casual listening, the convenience of having everything immediately available through iTunes is great. Then for serious listening, I plunk the disc into the player.

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sony 400 cd storage-player

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LPs on Ikea Expedit shelving.