Have you ever thought about starting up or working for an audiophile-oriented business?

The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and T.H.E. Show exhibits at Las Vegas' Alexis Villas and St. Tropez hotels reminded us once again that many audiophiles turn their passion into a business. Have you ever thought about starting up or working for an audiophile-oriented business?

Have you ever thought about starting up or working for an audiophile-oriented business?
Yes, I already do
9% (10 votes)
Yes, I am planning to
8% (9 votes)
Yes, but I'm just dreaming
64% (73 votes)
Not really interested
7% (8 votes)
Not even remotely interested
12% (14 votes)
Total votes: 114

Larry Root's picture

But how? Seems like the market is too small/competitive. I'd love to have a high-end studio, but it seems like a fast track to bankruptcy

Anonymous's picture

Everything from wokring for an equipment manufacturer to opening my own music store.

Anonymous's picture

affordable loudspeakers

remonlego@hotmail.com's picture

I am starting a new website with four friends.

Harry, Virginia's picture

Ever since I was a little guy (I'm now 57), I've always had a desire to work in an audio salon. The notion of having access to equipment I couldn't possibly afford, coupled with the prospect of assisting fellow audiophiles in auditions and the selection of their systems is just the kind of stuff dreams are made of.

Keith Y's picture

I think about it every day!

Rick's picture

I have thought about it before, but where is the security involved?

OvenMaster's picture

Not a chance. I'd feel serious guilt about overcharging the obscene prices that "high-end" gear commands. Also, I feel the market for anything but mass-market gear is too small for anything but the largest cities, and I'm not moving to a larger city. I'm all for making a profit at running a business, but to me, audio is not one of them.

Louis McFarlane's picture

Thought that would be a great idea. Read somewhere about the profitability of such a venture and the competition with Mid-fi AV market and got scared.

Alan in Victoria's picture

I have always wanted to run my own record store; well, I'd sell CDs too, but I have had this dream since before they were invented! Classical and jazz, lots and lots of opera, and (in my dream, anyway) plenty of discerning, wealthy customers hanging around...

Mitch B.'s picture

I've never responded to one of these vote questions, but this question brought back memories. I've been into stereo equipment since I was 13 (1966) and I actually put myself through college selling stereo equipment (McIntosh, JBL, Klipsch, Teac, etc). I went for an electrical engineering degree in order to design stereo equipment. I interviewed with a few stereo companies in my senior year. One company was very interested in me because of my grades and sales/marketing experience. However, I was going to get married after graduating college and the security of working for a big company (IBM) prevailed over the excitement of working for a speaker manufacturer. Since then I've become a patent lawyer and satisfy myself by enjoying equipment designed by others.

Jim Green's picture

I used to spec audiophile equipment to use in hard disk manufacturing equipment. Good amps make great power supplies. Soon the only people who buy high-end will be those who work in high-end.

C.  Healthgut, M.D., FACS's picture

Has anyone thought about being a cardiothoracic surgeon? I enjoy listening to music during surgery and, of course, in my home. Cudos to those who are adept at audiophile music production, but it's not my cup of tea.

Bill Crane's picture

Crane Home Theater: http://cranehometheater.com/

Jim Crawley's picture

My friend is Mitchell Cotter's son. Most of the Cotter stuff is still in demand today. I would love to revive the products if the demand is there for them.

John's picture

Have some seed money and would love to do it. One fear is I do not have the knowledge and experience, because I'm kind of a newbie.

Phineas Taylor B.'s picture

The cables and power chords my business plans to sell are lubricated with only the highest purity (99.9999%) snake oil and the resulting clarity, space, and palpable sense of "there" far exceed what has been achieved heretofore.

Mark G.'s picture

With the lack of interest in high quality audio these days I could starve to death. I'm not going to sell MP3 to entice the knuckle dragging masses and stay in business. Nor am I interested in selling Best Buy caliber equipment. Besides, I'm no salesman or businessman.

Greg Crouser's picture

Oh, I've thought about it. But I share this hobby with one other person, my brother. People who care about good audio sound quality are a minority. I need to pay the bills.

Philippe's picture

Now it's only a dream, but I think for doing so, it's better to begin with a master of science (why not a phd), in sound engineering or something like that.

Joe Hilker's picture

I did some contract work for Genesis, and plan to start my own company when I retire.

Filipe Rodrigues's picture

I am from Potugal, and I inteted to have a "2 Ch with Top Of the range components.

Rick_M's picture

I've loved home audio ever since my youth, but have never worked in the field. Now I intend to be a part of it.

RxDentist@aol.com's picture

I worked my way through dental school working in what would now be a high end audio shop. ... McIntosh, Marantz, Bozak, and the like. I would love to go back to doing that especially when my child goes of to college and I can partly retire. If Krell is listening, I really, really want to work with you!!!!

Rob Gold's picture

But I already work for a full-time professional symphony orchestra, and my sound sstem is better than any audio shop in the world...