What is your choice for best new audio product of 2005?

The year is drawing to a close and once again we've seen many great audio products released. What is your choice for best new audio product of the year 2005?

What is your choice for best new audio product of 2005?
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69% (43 votes)
Don't have one
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Total votes: 62

Harris dyno Haft's picture

Obviously it has to be one of those iPod thingies that are sweeping the world. But are they hi-fi? I think not! Are the new music lovers rejecting us audiophiles in favor of low-fi convience and portability? Only time will tell. I hope I won't wind up being a dynasaur in my own lifetime!

john in d.c.'s picture

hands down, my stereo!

Al Earz's picture

I haven't purchased one yet, but I must say the most impressive piece I have heard is the Ayre CD-5XE stereo universal player. What a great sounding digital machine.

Allen's picture

Martin Logan Summit.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Withouout a doubt in my mind, the Origin Live Conqueror tonearm is the most significant product of 2005. I use it in both my home studio and in my fantastically indulgent professional studio in LA. I really don't understand why Stereophile hasn't paid much attention to the Conqueror in its reviews. Mikey, are you listening?

Billy Malieckal's picture

I can only judge from what I read and it looks like the Phantom tonearm. If MF is that impressed, it must be very good. I am not sure if it is a this year's product. If not, then I have to pick anything named Boulder or from Boulder town.

Cihangir G's picture

In fact this is not my choice, but rather the choice of the masses. IPod derivatives (Nano, Video, etc) are the most popular audio products for 2005. I hope high-end manufacturers see that the younger generation is not looking at the separates and sparing money to buy one any more but instead enjoying the entire life with portable products and compatible hardware. Manufacturers have to hurry up not to close their shops before those young generations have been infected by hi-fi virus.

S.  Chapman's picture

iPod Nano

Mike Agee's picture

The Cary 303/300 CD player. If I could swing it right now, I'd buy it. It seems to be all I want in a CD player: Superb and robust sound, Tube or SS output, multiple sampling rate choices, high correction-rate, HDCD, cone feet, and it looks great. All that variablity amounts to both unobtrusive tone control and a worthy opportunity to experience the music in different ways. It may even smooth the response of pre-emphasized CDs (Could you do a sidebar on pre-emphasized CDs? Mr. Atkinson tests for them but they are otherwise a mystery.)

Hugues Ouimet's picture

The Linn Unidisk SC is the best value for the money and its sound is also top notch regardless of its price.

Jazzfan, New Jersey's picture

The birth of the DualDisc along with the apparent death of both hi-rez formats, SACD and DVD-Audio, and the soon to be launched high-def video format war. Is it any wonder why the low quality downloads available on iTunes and other pay per tune sites continue to rule the roost? And have you tried the MusicGiants? The high-end's answer to low-quality downloads. It's so bad, it's not even laughable. Can I get my money back?

Mark H's picture

The Linn Unidisk SC, or the Airport Express.

Brankin's picture

The Dynavector P-75 phono stage. Very competitive running in normal mode with everything in its price class. But, in enhanced mode with a LO-MC cartridge, it jumps price boundaries and gives silly-good value for your dollars.

Al Marcy's picture

Lafayette LA-224 tube integrated amplifier. Fresh caps in the output stage make it "new," even if QC sticker says: 1/29/64.

M.Barath's picture

Nuforce Power 9 monoblock amps.

Travis Klersy's picture

Not exactly an audio product, but the Ikea Lack end table (painted, not laminated) turned out to be a wonderful turntable isolation platform in my system. Cost was $12.99.

Nodaker's picture

Audio Mirror DAC 1, for the price. Competes well with much spendier CD players. Now they have the DAC 2, don't know what the difference is.

T.  O.  Driskel's picture

Ultimate Ears super.fi 5Pro.

Louis P.'s picture

Aesthetix Calypso preamp, with the Ayre C-5xe universal player a close second.

Anonymous's picture

Ayre C-5xe

Kurt's picture

Simaudio Moon's Evolution Series, particularly the W-8 power amp, P-8 preamplifier, and Andromeda CD player.

Paul Basinski's picture

Rogue Audio Cronus tube integrated. Built like a tank, great sound, affordable price.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

How should I know? I don't go to the shows and I haven't been shopping. Can't rate what I haven't heard.

pkf2's picture

Lexicon RT-20, excellant stereo/surround sound player. Very flexible and killer sound. And it plays DVDs too.

Keith J's picture

The Velodyne SMS-1 subwoofer EQ.

Pierre's picture

Verity Audio Sarastro Loudspeaker...pure pleasure.

stephen sweigart's picture

ARC Reference 3 preamp.

G.P.Wilburn's picture

Placette Audio Active Linestage Preamplifier (not new but very good).

Amir's picture

Spectral DMA-360.

audio-sleuth's picture

Manley SkipJack. I always need more inputs.