What are the three worst consecutive releases by a single group or artist?

We've got you down for the three best, but how about the three most horrendous? What are the three worst <I>consecutive</I> releases by a single group or artist?

What are the three worst <I>consecutive</I> releases by a single group or artist?
Here they are
56% (32 votes)
Can't think of any
16% (9 votes)
Any three by Madonna
28% (16 votes)
Total votes: 57

BILL CRANE's picture

Any and all releases by rap/hip-hop noise makers (they aren't artists). Even William Shatner's campy recordings sound beautiful in comparison.

Chris Keating's picture

Any three by Maria Carey.

Chuck Jones's picture

Steely Dan's last three *studio* releases, Gaucho, Two Against Nature, and Everything Must Go. Can the Dan ever get its groove back, or will every single from now on sound like a recycled "Babylon Sisters"? Ironically, Alive in America, released just before Two Against Nature, is one of the best live albums of all time.

TommyBoy's picture

Madonna is just a reflection of out culture's taste. God help us!

jocko's picture

How many albums does Kenny Chesney have out?

M.Clemente's picture

Everything by the Spice Girls. Did they even release three albums?

Ricardo Zamarripa's picture

I liked Oasis, but Be Here Now, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, and Heathen Chemistry were diasapointing.

Tom Warren's picture

Any three releases by Wynton Marsalis.

Wizard's picture

Any three by either of the Simpson sisters.

beachreader's picture

Madonna was the first thing that came to mind even before reading your choices.

Blue Mikey's picture

That's easy, at least if you're talking about great musicians: Neil Young's Re-ac-tor, Trans, and Everybody's Rockin'. That's okay, though, because last week, for the best three consecutive releases ever, I would have picked On the Beach, Tonight's the Night, and Zuma.