What is the primary thing stalling SACD or DVD-Audio?

While some may disagree, it would seem that both competing high-rez audio formats, SACD and DVD-Audio, have stalled in the marketplace. Why do you think this is?

What is the primary thing stalling SACD or DVD-Audio?
Poor software selection
19% (49 votes)
High software prices
10% (25 votes)
Poor hardware selection
1% (2 votes)
High hardware prices
3% (8 votes)
Poor promotion
10% (25 votes)
Anti-piracy measures
3% (7 votes)
Lack of public interest in high-rez audio
31% (80 votes)
Lack of compatiblity with computers
2% (4 votes)
Result of format war
10% (27 votes)
10% (25 votes)
They're doing fine
2% (6 votes)
Total votes: 258

Mark Cole's picture

The check boxes should allow for multiple enties as the reasons in my opinion are;Poor software selection,High software prices,Poor promotion,however the biggest is the first reason , selection , new artists should be releasing in the format not re-hashing the old crusties currently available

Happy in KY's picture

I'm just not ready to buy the hardware at these prices yet. Additionally I'm not sure which format will be the new millenium's Beta to VHS. Time will solve everything however. I DO own two SACD titles which will play on my CD player.