What is the source component you use most in your home system?

As we transition from one format to another, some components hang on as our main source of music. What is the source component you use most in your home system?

What is the source component you use most in your home system?
CD player
23% (25 votes)
20% (21 votes)
Media server
13% (14 votes)
DVD-Audio or SACD player
14% (15 votes)
22% (24 votes)
5% (5 votes)
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 107

Andy's picture

After many years and repeated failed attempts, I have finally found a digital source that can at least compete with my turntable: the Marantz SA8260 SACD player, sadly discontinued. The turntable still has a slight edge, but now I can listen happily to CDs. I no longer feel compelled after an hour of digital music to soothe my ears with vinyl. Oh, and the SACD performance is great too.

Mike Agee's picture

Even though I spend more time collecting vinyl and tweaking my table than I do with my CDs and player, I still spend more time listening to CDs. This is for a variety of reasons, chief among them is my fear of approaching my rig tired after a long work day. Another is the adventurous frame of mind I must be in to accept the pops and pings as part of the magic instead of constant shoulder taps from the reality I am trying to escape. When all the stars are in alignment though, the results are fantastic.

Norman L.  Bott's picture

They are convenient.

Chuck Cooper's picture

I have a Rega Planet CD Player which is an excellent reproducer and my mid-fi DVD-A/SACD universal player makes it clear that the high res digital formats have something to them but I still find myself, given the option, which is about 80% of the time, spinning those 12" black disks on my Planar 25 because the sound is so much more fluid and dynamic. But then this not surprising because, in theory, analog has infinite resolution.

Joe Lippold's picture

I use CD only as background. All of my serious listening is via 'table. My 20 year old Denon DP-60L fitted with a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood never sounded so good. I have DVD-A available in my home theatre (separate system), but so far cannot really say that I'm into its multichannel capabilities for music. It just doesn't work for me.

MikeyZ's picture

I'd love to spend more time with my turntable instead of my CD player, but funds are limited (as always) and building that library is taking some time. That will change, it's just taking some time.

david brown's picture

Who can resist a brand-new Naim CD-5?

Mark G.'s picture

I probably use my CD player the most, with LPs a close second. After all, I have to listen to all those new LPs I've been buying

Tony P., NY's picture

Vinyl still rules in my sytem

tom's picture

only thing i have

Rob S.'s picture

I'll still use the CD player for most "dedicated" listening, but having just bought a 40GB iPod, I can already tell that it will quickly become my source of choice for casual background listening. Over 1000 jazz tracks on shuffle play—I'm in heaven!

Roderick Powers's picture

most time on turntable, tv satellite music channels next, cd third.

Ole G.'s picture

How could it be otherwise?

Panwar's picture

300 CD Changer fed through a ARC DAC 1 in the basement. Love the convenience. It also feeds family room Stingray.

Anonymous's picture

Have great vinyl system, but use it somewhat less than CD... use vinyl when I have time for more serious listening.

bturk667's picture

I use my CD player @ 65% of the time, followed by my turntable the rest of the time.

luther's picture

... the only source component in my stereo.

J's picture

You can play records all day long without ear fatigue.

Anonymous's picture

That's the most-used source component in my _system_, but probably the most-used source in my home is a Tivoli Model One table radio.

Rovinsky's picture

Actually it's a DVD player used for CDs also (not DVD audio)

Bob Moody's picture

CD has improved steadily over the years but, when it comes to digital vs. analog, there's still no contest. Give me the analog every time.

Digital Dave's picture

It's interesting that I'm answering SACD player, when in fact, more than 99% of the time I'm using that device I'm playing a CD. Come to think of it, that's just the main rig in the living room. There's also the upstairs rig, the PC in the office, my spouse's under-counter CD player in the kitchen, the boombox on the back porch—I retract my answer. I don't know what the hell the most important component is or will be anymore.

jerry hiniker's picture

50% Vinyl 40% Tuner 10% CD

ch2's picture

Alas, the ol' FM radio is on almost 12 hours a day, every day, spouting out jazz and clasical, with a little on the news front. Next comes the CD, followed by the DVD, and then comes vinyl—ahh, VINYL!

Mike Malinowski's picture

99% Vinyl. Nothing comes close to revealing the emotion and passsion of music.

Nick K.'s picture

I use vinyl just slightly more than CD.

J C Hogg's picture

I know a good thing when I hear it. I now own three SACD players.

Mark Gdovin's picture

Hands down, the tuner. With 25 high-quality stations serving all musical tastes, including two non-commercial PBS stations, one dedicated to jazz only and the other to classical only, I listen to my excellent vintage tuner about 60% of my listening time. Of course, most of my audiophile friends call me the tuner nut.

Matt's picture

Despite the improvements in digital playback, I find the musical enjoyment is still maximized by my LPs.

Kip Peterson's picture

Even with a new Denon DVD2900 giving me access to both SACD and DVD-A, I still find myself listening to vinyl more than anything else. Everytime I do, I'm amazed at the wonderful music records can make.