What is the source component you use most in your home system?

As we transition from one format to another, some components hang on as our main source of music. What is the source component you use most in your home system?

What is the source component you use most in your home system?
CD player
23% (25 votes)
20% (21 votes)
Media server
13% (14 votes)
DVD-Audio or SACD player
14% (15 votes)
22% (24 votes)
5% (5 votes)
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 107

Dave Bennett's picture

CD's are more convenient, its like watching TV rather than movies. Also I travel a lot and listen to a CD Walkman a lot.

Ted Wallover's picture

My Denon 2900 SACD/DVD-A player gets the most use. It is also being used as a CD source also. I am well pleased with the overall performence in both areas. It gets little use as a DVD-A player, since there is minimal software availability.

Braden's picture

This is actually my DVD player which I use for CD and SACD playback.

george bauer's picture

i like my cd player, but i know that my record player slays it hands down! unfortunatly, new vinyl is a rare comodity, so the question becomes one of access, not quality

Robert's picture

Most of the time is spent listening to my own cassette recordings of my favourite vinyl records.

Mike Molinaro's picture

Turntable. Why settle for anything less?

Neil's picture

That would have to be the good old cassette. Software consists of 50% tapes, 40% lps and 10% cd's.

DigiDougy McCall's picture

My CD player is actually a universal player, but in these uncertain, early days of multichannel, the overwhelming majority of my listening time is still spent with good ol' "Red Book" CD. They're hard to beat for my money. They may not have "perfect sound forever", but they have at least good enough sound for as long as I'm apt to need them!

Brandon B.'s picture

cd player, what else?

Aris's picture

CD, but it's not my fault. Holly Cole, Patricia Barber, and Gladiator are only on CD.

Bob Hoshall's picture

I have been spending a greater amount of time with SACD. I was drawn by the esthetics and build quality of the Sony SCD-1, and I have not been disappointed. Some of the best SACDs I own were recorded 25 years ago on a Studer Tape deck (Red Rose) recordings, and then there are the new DSD recordings, it's all good in SACD! I still enjoy XRCD, HDCD, and many well recorded CDs, from labels like Telarc, Reference Recordings, Analogue Productions, DCC, Audioquest, MFSL, and lest I forget FIM. In regard to my large record library I am going to try something I should have never tried long ago, an inexpensive, but effective wet scrub record cleaner with vacuum removal. This could be the tool that will make a difference!

T's picture

I love my Krell SACD Standard. But I might be the only one, who got a problem free one.

Oliver, Germany's picture

For music, the CD player, but as I'm a radio freak, my tuner is very important.

Terry M's picture

No contest!

Martin's picture

I have a Denon DVD-3800 in my main multi-channel hi-fi system. Six channel driven by three integrated amps plus an REL sub. I also have a Panasonic DP1 'micro' DVD stereo system for my bedroom which also plays DVD-As. I have the latter hooked-up to a Sony LCD screen and a TV digital receiver box.

John Napier's picture

I use my video recorder to relay the television sound, and I use this more than any other source through the hi-fi.

Stephen Curling's picture

Although I have a CD player in my system, the DVD player gets discs most of the time. The DVD player is much faster at loading discs than my carousel CD changer.

Rich Carlson's picture

CD is the only source that lets me use my Z-Systems equalizer.

Jim G.'s picture

I listen to CDs when I'm lazy! I listen to LPs for realism. But the ultimate listening experience comes from reel-to-reel tapes over my Ampex. Unbelievable!

SEW's picture

I listen mainly through my CD player during the week when things are quite hectic, but the turntable is my choice for the weekends when I need serious relaxation.

Al Marcy's picture

On all the time, playing half the time :)

acigarnut's picture

Without a doubt, it has been my turntable for over a year. Two reasons: My Rega P3/Elys combo blows the doors off my $700 CD player. I have spent hour after hour listening and enjoying. Second, as I have said time and time again, when the music industry actually starts making CDs that are worth buying, and at a reasonable price, I will start buying again. In fact, other than buying a few newly remastered CDs I can't even remember the last time I bought a "regular" CD.

Jonathan's picture

As I said last week, my turntable is my only source. Why not the best?

Anonymous's picture

Transport & DAC

George A.  Thiel's picture

I use my Arcam CD92 the most out of convenience. . When I sit down to do serious listening; my VPI Scout/JMW-9 Grado Sonata wins every time!

Tony P., Washington, DC's picture

As much as I like vinyl, when a new recording or a reissue that I actively want to own comes out, I'll buy it on CD, whereas with vinyl, I'll buy something I didn't necessarily plan to buy because it's cheap and looks intriguing. So more of the music I want to listen to often is on CD.

Joe Hartmann's picture

It is simple. I listen to records at least twice as much as CDs. My collection of LPs is way more than twice the size of my CD catalog and many of my favorite recordings are LPs.

Anonymous's picture

sony sacd 555

thomas garber's picture

I do a lot of work at the computer, and luckily am able to listen to music files and CDs while I work. I also find myself listening to music files on my main system, using the wonderful Slimp3 component (www.slimdevices.com).

S.  Andrea's picture

I'm still looking for a CD player that can give me as much pleasure as my TT. When I find it, then I might listen to my CDs more than once.