What audio equipment are you looking for right now?

Some audiophiles are always looking for something&#151;<I>anything</I>&#151;to upgrade. Anything on your list?

What audio equipment are you looking for right now?
11% (38 votes)
SACD and/or DVD-Audio playback
18% (66 votes)
CD playback
6% (22 votes)
9% (31 votes)
9% (34 votes)
18% (65 votes)
6% (22 votes)
Equipment rack/stands
1% (5 votes)
Headphone equipment
2% (7 votes)
Hard disc-based equipment
3% (9 votes)
8% (29 votes)
9% (32 votes)
Total votes: 360

David Marshall's picture

A/V Receiver; Cables

frank valery's picture

I upgraded to a pair of JM LABS Elektra 926 speakers, which are fast, clean, and way extended. Now I need an amplifier that do justice to this new level for me

Scott's picture

Universal Player

Carey Thompson's picture

I'm waiting on a review of the Denon dvd-2900 and the Philips dv-963-sa. I'm excited about sacd and improving on my dvd player. CD playback quality will influence my decision greatly.

Michael Chernay's picture

I'm a college student looking for a truly great amp/preamp combo without having to spend many thousands of dollars. Even tho my CD player might be my weakest link, I think I will wait for the DVD-A/ SACD issue to settle before I upgrade that part of my system.

Brian's picture

It looks more and more like the future is multichannel. There's more software in the retail channel, and manufacturers seem to be producing 5.1 on new releases. Hopefully, it will get engineered correctly—I have no desire to hear instruments behind me. In fact it would likely ruin the experience for me. I do very much desire the totally relaxed immersion in the music I experience with good 5.1. Consequently, I'm actively looking for a multichannel SACD player whose performance on Red Book CD is a serious upgrade from my current CD player. It seems we have passed the point where a $10K plus investment in a CD player is good value, at least from my perspective. I'm already beginning to feel my high-end two-channel system is outdated. Now where's that Visa card?By the way, Kal Rubinson's new column is a very timely source of good information.

Anonymous's picture

Aragon 8008 or Harman Kardon Signature 1.5 would suit me just fine.

Serpieri's picture

Though there is, and no doubt always will be something on my Wish List - the want to upgrade/trade-in towards the latest and presumed greatest version of an existing component. To be able to climb up the next rung or two in a product line, or being wonderfully led into uncharted lands (or at least unknown at that moment) by a product review or a visit to the local audio shop. These items aside, I am currently pursuing looking into improving my listening room - a key component which I have not completly overlooked but which could still be improved I feel in enhancing my listening enjoyment at home after a long day. I may not need that new preamp after all. But I know I'll still have something else added to the list to take its place.

Dennis's picture

My room. I have to upgrade my room. New room 9/1.

Mike Rivera's picture

I'm very satisfied with my current system. After 10 years of upgrading, I'm done for a while. Am I out of the club?

paluc52's picture

Is there no five-shelf equipment rack with room for LPs on the bottom and an isolated top shelf for a turntable for under $500? I can get one custom-built from furniture grade hardwoods for what the market seems to bear.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I have upgraded my entire system over the last five years. Now it's time for the speakers. Auditioning the few I am interested in hearing is very time consuming and I am only in the $10,000 bracket. First, I want to hear certain speakers, then I want to hear what the dealer might suggest. The process is six months old and I have only two full-range contenders and one monitor contender.

Rick in London Ontario's picture

I'm looking for the best bang-for-the-buck universal player

Anonymous's picture

I am waiting to upgrade until there is a unified high resolution CD format and digital interconnect standard. I don't have the money many of your readers have. Except for a very occasional CD, I stopped buying 5 years ago. I guess I am not really an audiophile. My McIntosh equipment just keeps on going.

Richard Diamond's picture

After the HE2003, I am convinced more than ever that I may have reached the pinnacle of audio nirvana.

Brankin's picture

Let's see, I think I'll start by looking at a VPI Scout with nice new Grado or Dynavector cartridge. Then I'll need a better phono preamp, like an EAR or Lehman. And upgraded interconnects, of course. My preamp then won't let me enjoy the full potential of the new TT set up, so that gets a quality bump. And then the amp will be seen to be adding a mist or haze to the soundstage, so that will have to go. Finally, I think I will get that last ounce of realism by dumping my cone speakers for some nice electrostats or ribbons. So in the end, I guess, no—I'm not looking to upgrade at all. It's a bloody system revolution! Charge!

PhilSaab's picture

I finally listened to a SACD player and think the format will survive. The prices are coming down and the software is starting to come around

Colin's picture

The main component I am looking for right now is a good amplifier for my Vandersteen 2ce signatures. I am currently looking at the Bryston 4B ST and BP25 preamp. If anyone has a good suggestion for an amp that goes well with this speaker thats also affordable, let me know. cjrobertson@sbcglobal.net Thanks.

Keith Y's picture

I want to upgrade my transport or get a relly good one-box CD player. I am looking into the Audio Research gear.

Steve Tose's picture

I'm always looking for more wire. So much of it sounds different, but not necessarily better or worse that I'd like more perspective on which ones have "the best sound." Strange, but true. Also, I'm looking for more computer-based recording equipment

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.View, CA's picture

I am generally satisfied with my system, but my tonearm/cartridge would be upgraded if and when I see a killer deal.

Peter Randell, NZ's picture

A midrange CD/SACD/DVD-A player that does everything as well as a single-format player. No review that I have seen so far has achieved this.

Oliver, Germany's picture

I'm looking for an SACD player, not because I'm dissatisfied with my CD player, but because of the different mixes on SACD and CD tracks (eg, DSotM)

Dave M's picture

I have on order a Musical Fidelity Trivista SACD player. When it arrives (this week), it will replace my eleven-year-old California Audio Labs Icon Mk II CD player. I don't think that I've owned a single component longer than the CAL. Though it has not been the most reliable piece of gear, it took a very expensive machine with better technology (SACD and upsampling) to dethrone it. RIP CAL. Long live Musical Fidelity.

Ekwinix's picture

I have a pair of Grado, now im trying to justify the purchase of 590 or 600 sennies!!

Erik herdian's picture

still waiting for great player in low price..

FvK's picture

I am currently investinging audio PC. I got interested in this after reading a couple of articles published Hi-Fi World some time ago describing how to build your own audio computer. The BBC publishes its radio programs on line on its website and keeps them there for the period of one week following their broadcast. I do not know how good the quality of the online archived sound is, but the prospect of retrieving it when desired makes it an interesting proposition.

Eirik, Norway's picture

Have everything else on the list, and a groving number of SACD I haven't heard

Randolph Schein's picture

I'm looking to replace my Theta Data Basic II tranport & Gen Va DAC with a new digital front end that will play CD, SACD, and DVD-A. It must be significantly better than my current system for CDs, offer superior sound in the new formats, and cost no more than $10,000.

Russ H.'s picture

Going back to copper cables. A little less edge in my system.