Have you ever been to an audio (or audio/video) show?

As we wrap up the Home Entertainment Show for another year, it seems appropriate to ask if you have attended HE2002 or any other audio or audio/video show.

Have you ever been to an audio (or audio/video) show?
Yes, many times
17% (47 votes)
Yes, a couple of times
20% (55 votes)
Yes, once
17% (47 votes)
47% (130 votes)
Total votes: 279

Paul LaNoue's picture

I have taken vacations to visit audio companies. Driven about the country to audition equipment. I never been to the big show.

Mike McC's picture

Anybody wanna hold a show in Omaha? I thought not.

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Bostjan's picture

Because I work in a company that distributes some well-known manufacturers in the pro-audio business I have to attend the shows. It's in the job description ;-) And I like it—it's a good chance to meet interesting people from the business and, more important, to audition new products. As a hobby. ;-)

Javier's picture

I think the recording industry is getting it all wrong. They should force all audio gear producers to build systems with credit card readers so you will have to pay every time a song is played. This fee will depend on how many people are hearing, not listening. Perhaps they could even put some sensors capable of detecting how much you are actually enjoying the music and if you are really thrilled, then charge you some $$$ more.

Robert Hamel's picture

Great show hope you have another next year. It was nice to finaly get a chance to hear some of the systems I see reviewed in Stereophile. The added bonus was it was all only 2 floors away!!

Dusty Chalk's picture

Would if I could...

Sebastian Ramos's picture

I went (HE2002) to see what's out there and what's possible when price isn't an object and, while tiny hotel rooms aren't the best setup for a sound system, I came home liking my $4K (retail, less than $1K used) rig a whole lot more. Diminishing returns in spades...

BW's picture

I really enjoyed the show. When are you going to host one on the west coast again?

Gregory's picture

I hope this is one like HE2002 in Toronto, Canada. It would help more Audiophiles in Canada to select their favourite systems.

Sergio Perez's picture

Not many are done in Mexico.

Craig Ellsworth's picture

It's an excuse to go to another city to see the sights and hear some live jazz there. We've been to LA, San Francisco, Miami, and New York.

Beav R.'s picture

I attended HE2001. Oh what fun, oh what a hassle with the elevators. Couldn't make HE2002, but a one floor or two floor venue, with good stair access, is a great idea.

Paul J.  Stiles's picture

The next time there is a similar show in the S.F. Bay area, I will attend, even if I have to call in sick at work.

Tim Bishop's picture

I hope to soon, now if everyone sends just $1 to the send Tim Bishop to an audio show fund, it will happen even sooner!

Dave Carpe's picture

I've been to three Stereophile shows and quite a few CES's. In fact I miss the old CES in Chicago!

Anonymous's picture

in LA

Jared Gerlach's picture

Man, would I ever love to go to HE2003!

Matt Sallman's picture

All Stereophile New York shows, the 1988 San Francisco, and Chicago. I loved them all, just wish I could make all the shows.

Eric Blair's picture

To listen to some cost no object systems (eg 'Levinson/Madrigal and PMC/Bryston), compare them to real world stuff most of us use blows the mind away.

Robert Hart's picture

I would like to see shows move around the country, and have greater promotion within each city in hopes of bringing in fresh blood.

Dave Lackey's picture

Attended NYC HE shows this year and last. Great fun. Nice people (mostly). Great sound (some).

Before and after Dave's picture

I would love to attend them however, but would want to take my wife for the dining-shopping thing. Alas, her interest in the high-end is about as lukewarm in her interest in the F1,CART/IRL or CAN-AM races I've taken her to!

Henry from New York's picture

This is an insult to customers.Nobody should knowingly buy them.

Steve Owens's picture

In New York in 1973, where I heard the Dalquist DQ10s for the first time. Got me started as an audiophile. Then Chicago in 1999. I would go more often if the shows were more centrally located.

P.  G.  Milcheck's picture

Dunfey hotel san mateo

John Mallon's picture

Yes, and I would recommend them to everybody with any interest in HI FI or Video.

Steve Camadeco's picture

I attended the Thursday and Saturday editions. I was surprised that Saturday was so lightly attended in comparison to last year. Still, I found the show to be a great opportunity to see/hear so many wonderful products. Already looking forward to next year!

Robert Drake's picture

Was at the show 3 days

David Friedlander's picture

Although there were far fewer exhibitors than previous years, the NY Hilton show was very enjoyable!