How do you have your audio system set up in your listening room?

It's not easy being an audiophile. Once you finally get that perfect (or near-perfect) pair of speakers, you've got to find a good location for them in your room, along with your other furniture. Did you build your room around your stereo, or do you prefer your stereo to fit into your mixed-use room?

How do you have your audio system set up in your listening room?
I have a dedicated listening room
23% (82 votes)
I changed the layout of my room to favor the audio system
42% (151 votes)
It's a constant struggle between good sound and functional living
33% (118 votes)
An audio system is better heard and not seen
3% (9 votes)
Total votes: 360

Vink's picture

Will have listening when budget less tight.

Fred L.  Cantrell's picture

When I built my house 4 years ago, one wall of the large living area was intentionally left unbroken in order to house the entertainment center. It consists of a large rear-projection TV and the equipment cabinets, as well as the loudspeakers. I added a Pro Logic surround-sound processor and center- and rear-channel speakers to convert my stereo to home theater. I recently finished building a 300-sq.-ft. media room in the attic. The intent is to have a less compromised area for music, movies, and reading. This room has a back wall full of shelves, and an equipment closet that opens into the main room. The gear can be operated from within the room, while all the connections can be made from inside the closet. Two additional 20-amp circuits were added to the closet. Now, if I can just swing for some new equipment to fill it up. It is empty as of now, but I have big plans.

Dale Fellbaum's picture

I'm in the process of changing my living room from audio to a nice room with audio and home theater. I just don't know what to do about speakers.

Robin Heisey's picture

I'd love to have a dedicated listening room - but with family it's just not possible - as it is, my room is probably the weakest link in my system.

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One half equipment, one half room. I think that about covers it. Bad equipment sounds bad in good room and vice versa. When you can get the two goods together, that's when the magic starts.

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I chose our present house in part because it allowed me to set up my stereo system properly. Similarly, I chose my present speaker system (Stratus Gold i) in part because it was not unattractive in our living-dining area (black oak is just HORRID!!)

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(I would say that the 3rd option also apply...) Speaker designers should really focus on real life rooms and not ideal rooms when building speakers. People, like myself, who lives in cities are often limited by space. Having a dedicated listening room is very, very difficult, and some times impossible... Julien Maculan (

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Unfortunately I bought my house before I bought my stereo. I am constantly moving the speakers in from the wall, out from the wall, away from the corners and towing them in and out. My family wants to "hear" the tv through my system. I don't have surround sound but the movies do sound "better" they say. My next home will have a dedicated listening room with no tv and a lock on the door!

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Still in discusion about whether the couch should be across from the stereo or not.

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I wish that I lived on my own so that I could tear down a wall if I had to for my audio system!!

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My main listening room was changed for best sound, however my secondary listening is done in a converted bedroom mainly dedicated for home theater. My dessign for this room included a lot of storage to please my wife but the speakers which I designed and built are "disguised" by having can grills painted out to match the room. Wiring is hidden undeer crown mouldings which made for a clean installation.. Many more details =35" monitor, hidden 12" VMPS subwoofders, etc.

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I don't like the options. I use a multi-purpose room but but my system fits in really nicely.