Do DVD-Audio's video features interest you?

Do DVD-Audio's video features interest you?
Yes, very much
15% (35 votes)
Yes, they'd be nice
23% (51 votes)
Don't really care
20% (45 votes)
No, I'd prefer a pure audio disc
31% (71 votes)
11% (24 votes)
Total votes: 226

When the format is finally launched around the world, DVD-Audio discs will have the ability to store and play back video information such as lyric sheets and pictures from recording sessions. Is this important to you?

Bruce W.'s picture

My audio system and my video system are two totally separate entities. I don't mind good quality video, but I want my audio to be as good as possible, and I believe that is only possible with dedicated equipment. I have always believed that a specialist is better than a GP (at his specialty)and that caries over to specialized electronics as well. My present DVD player is CD capble, but does not have the sound quality of my dedicated CD player, not by a long shot.

CSO's picture

I sure won't pay a premium for these "bonus features."

Ron Newton's picture

Even when I attend the Meyerson, I sometimes close my eyes to let the music roll over me and through me. I certainly don't want some half-wit trying to turn a wonderful concert into MTV. My mind's eye can never be outdone by a video.

Norm Strong's picture

It would be even better to offer a choice of video. The score could be shown as the piece is played. A video of the performer could be included. The posibilities are endless.

Victor's picture

Synchronized lyrics, notes, etc are all nice (unless they charge an arm and a leg ;) )

Teresa Goodwin's picture

Also I would like a separate stereo soundtrack, as I will never have surround sound in this life and would prefer the engineer to do the stereo mix than have my player fold it down for me. I originally wanted my new CD player to play both SACD and DVD-A because Reference Recordings is supporting DVD-A, but now I don't know. I may just get an SACD player and hook up my HDCD converter to it and continue to enjoy Reference on HDCD. Please noteL If it were not for Reference Recordings, I would not even consider DVD-A.

Geno's picture

As long as the Video thing does not compromise the Audio thing!

Larry Kligerman's picture

DVD-audio discs should also be chapter-keyed to certain musically important parts of works. Can be very useful as a tool for explaining how music is put together.

Werner's picture

LPs don't have video either. :-)

Yurko's picture

I prefer SACD to the DVD-Audio concept. Yet if the latter wins, I would not be happy with all these unnecessary mass-appeal tricks—what, then, is the difference between DVD-V and DVD-A (apart from sampling frequency)? All of these lyrics and pictures I can get from disc booklets for no extra cost. It is better to spend the money needed for these unnecessary options on improved sound quality.

Dexter M.  Price's picture

Pictures would be okay, IF there is no compromise of the audio quality.

Dave's picture

Lets keep the purity of audio at the best possible level.'s picture

Obviously, if these discs are going to exist, they NEED to utilize the capabilities they offer. SACD is great; however, these first-generation SACDs don't even begin to take full advantage of their capabilities. We all need systems like Tony Esporma—void of a CD player, and all tubes. *<):o)

Joe Hartmann's picture

I donot have the ability to play the discs now. No one has demostrated the advantage of this feature

Jim Treanor's picture

All I care about is the music and the quality of the performance and the sound. Anything else is like adding a superfluous piece of cheese to a delicious hamburger.

Troy McHenry's picture

If I wanted video with my audio I would play the "audio DVDs" that are already on the market. I think the real strength of the DVD-A format is their ability to reproduce sound, not video—or why have this new format to begin with? If I'm paying more per disc to listen to "superior PCM" music, I'd be distracted by the video anyway.

kyle smith's picture

it would be a new change in the audio world.

David L.  Wyatt, Jr.'s picture

If we have the space, sure I'd like those little extras. But numero uno will be sound vs. price.

Jonathan Goldberg's picture

It would take quite unusual and hard to image video content to interest me. I don't even have video in the same room with my audio system.

Robin Banks's picture

Personally, I hope that the SACD format wins the "format" war because of its better sound. Yet if I have to buy into DVD-A, I won't mind a few video features here and there as long as I don't have to pay extra for it. All I really care about is the music!

Dan Landen's picture

It would be nicer than the destructible paper we have now with regular CDs. I have several audio/CD-ROM discs, and they are nice to look at for more in-depth info on the artist or liner notes or whatever. I think that it will be a really nice feature. If the space is available, use it!

C.  Simon's picture

If "we" end up with better sound quality, I suppose I can tacitly accept the consumer gimmicks . . .

Vic's picture

Yes, but full-motion video is the only way to go. Have you listened to and seen the APO recording of Honeyboy Edwards? No more staring at the wall and trying to imagine what the musicians are doing. Now you can enjoy the music as well as the technique and physical emotion it takes to create it.

Brian Marshall, San Jose, CA's picture

I'd prefer a pure audio disc. Additional pictures would be nice, but should not be used as a means to charge more per disc. Until we reach the point where we can record DVD in video and audio, this just seems a premature but necessary step in that direction. I would place greater priority on getting to recordable DVD, where music and video can be brought together on one medium at the same time, maintaining audiophile quality.

John W.  Thiele's picture

I have no need to turn on a television or video monitor when I listen to music. I feel this would distract me from the musical enjoyment. History tells us that CD-Vs were largely ignored when introduced about 12 years back.

Rick R.'s picture

It would be nice if the score were provided by the video

Pasko Varnica's picture

A VERY qualified "Yes" vote: only for two situations: 1) opera, where the entire stage is shown at all times, and 2) dances performed by professionals (e.g., Yo-Yo Ma performing Piazzolla's tango danced by professionals. Under ALL other circumstances: NO—keep video away.

Jose Garcia's picture

I really care much about the sound quality of the medium than from marginal things like pictures , lirics and interviews of the artist. There are other more important things to consider like digital signal out , upsampling and DVD-Video compatibility for viewing actual collections. This things , I beleive , would give the leap this medium needs to be accepted by everyone outthere.

Michael Shover's picture

It's not really important to me at all, unless the audio quality is somehow compromised to make room for rather useless video information. On the other hand, if this gimmicky multimedia concept would give more record companies an incentive to dip their feet in the high-rez digital audio waters, I'm all for it. I'm sick of waiting, damn it!!

Chris Henderson's picture

Don't plan on spending the money to purchase DVD-A. I'll just get an up-sampling board for my MSB Link D/A converter. It'll save me a bunch of money.