Revel & Mark Levinson

One of my two best sounds at RMAF was from Revel's Ultima Salon2 speakers ($22,000/pair), which have been favorites of mine since Larry Greenhill's review appeared in the June 2008 issue of Stereophile. At RMAF, the Revels were being driven by Mark Levinson No.53 monoblocks ($25,000/pair), which in turn were being fed straight from the variable output of a Mark Levinson No.512 SACD player ($15,000). Cabling was all-Transparent. The superbly stable soundstaging extended beyond the physical positions of the speakers, the tonal balance was one of the most neutral I heard at the Show, and the bass was both extended and defined. I would have stayed listening for longer, but the Show only had 30 minutes more to run and I had two more rooms to visit.

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I agree these speakers sounded great for the most part but I went in twice during different days and both times I felt the bass overloaded that room. With the right music, and the volume set to reasonable, the mids and uppers were almost ethereal.

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Hi. I'm lucky to work for a Levinson dealer in the UK, and I just want to say these new elecronics are paradigm shifting. We have the 512/326s/532 system set up and I can honestly say I have never heard anything approaching this quality before (with either Revel or ProAc Carbon series speakers). I'm fully aware of the expense involved in acquiring these components but I urge anyone with even the vaguest interest in our hobby to do their utmost to hear them.

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ML 53s cost $50,000 a pair.I sure will buy a pair if they really cost $25,000.

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There was another room, by Jones Audio, showing the Revel Ultima Salon2 powered by Jones Audio Monobloc 2 electronics. They definitely had the room acoustics much better sorted out and were able to demonstrate the full potential of the Revels. As well as the capability of their amplifier/preamp combo, which were able to drive the Revels with ease. My favorite room at the show, much more rewarding than the quite disappointing setup in the identical-size Revel/ML room.

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