Inex Innovation Shines

Judging from the sound, Inex Innovation is onto something really good. Begun in 2004 "by a gang of audio enthusiasts. . . with strong engineering backgrounds in the field of fiber optics and telecommunication," the company specializes in manufacturing cables and equipment that incorporate high-end telecommunication fiber-optic technologies.

When I entered the room, I was dismayed to find Céline Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" from the movie Titanic sounding intolerably bright. But since everything that followed sounded superb, I shall chalk that one up to a bad recording or transfer.

Terry Evans' classic "Blues No More," with Ry Cooder on guitar, was exceptional, with first-class bass and cymbals. The Audioquest CD also stood out for its quiet, spaciousness, and excellent slam.

Another visitor brought in his recording of Opeth's Damnation. (Yes, there were many young and committed audiophiles in attendance). Again, the power and clarity of the percussion and sense of space were fabulous. I didn't play anything classical, but I'll bet that Mahler's Symphony No.2 would have sounded great.

Heard through Audio Physic Scorpio II loudspeakers ($8000/pair) were the INCD-1 CD transport ($5000), INDA-1 DAC ($3000), and Pre-A200 ($12,500). Holding it all together were the Photon Digital II ($1300), Photon Link II ($2000/pair), and Photon AmpliCable-Elite ($12,000). Each cable required an IPR-D100 power supply ($600 per cable).

Needless to say, I'd love to visit these folks in San Leandro, one town over, and explore their products in depth. I also think a Bay Area Audiophile Society demo is in order.

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So you allowed yourself to stay at a demo room where they were playing Céline Dion... Hi-Fi really isn't about music, is it? If it were me, I would have run away from that room as fast as I could and sworn never to buy their products!

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I was sinking fast. Thank God I was able to grab onto a spare interconnect and hold on for dear life. The rest of the experience confirmed that life really is worth living.