Cary Audio's Room: A Musical Oasis

I looked into the Cary Audio Design room in the Venetian Towers to catch up with designer Dennis Had to find out what the North Carolina company had been up to since I visited them a year ago. But he was out, so I settled back to enjoy some fine music on Dynaudio Confidence C4 speakers—favorites of mine since I reviewed them in September 2003—driven by the 10th-Anniversary Edition of Cary's CAD805 single-ended triode monoblock, perhaps the finest-sounding of its breed. Source was the CAD-306 SACD player, back in production after some manufacturing problems with its Sony-sourced chipset. Nice. Very nice.

Ted .'s picture

It is quite visible from the photo that the speaker is an Evidence (Temptation or Master), not the C4.

Alex's picture

And the amp. powering the speakers is NOT the CAD 805. It is a CAD 211 Anniversary Edition.

Clifton's picture

Picky, picky. Guys, John didn't say the setup he heard was the one pictured, which could be a publicity shot provided by either Cary or the dealer who exhibited the two brands.

John Atkinson's picture

No, it's a fair cop, guys. Blame brainfade setting on the last day of the Show. :-(

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