Bluebird Music Rocks Hard

I walked into Jay Rein’s Bluebird Music room and was immediately taken by the hard-rocking sound of Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick,” reproduced with appropriate drama, impact, and scale. Here we see Rein standing beside Spendor’s new A9 loudspeaker ($7295/pair). Introduced at this year’s Bristol Show, the A9 made its North American debut at SSI 2010, and sounded excellent, driven by Exposure’s new 3010S2 series: 100W monoblocks ($2595/pair), preamp ($1395), and CD player ($2195). The S2 series replaces Exposure’s Classic line and represents a 50% power increase for one-third less money, Rein told me. Van den Hul’s D352 speaker cables and D102 interconnects ($929) tied this impressive system together.

Jay Rein's picture

The new Exposure 3010S2 offers 50% more power and significantly better sound quality, however it is one-third less money, (not one-third the price).

Stephen Mejias's picture

Thanks for the correction, Jay. I've revised the blog text.

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HiI can't find any reviews and I'm wondering how the 3010S2 CD player compares to the original 3010 and 3010S?Many thanksChris