Advanced Transduction & Belles

Speaker designer Bill Roberts talks so fast, I could only write down every third word as he explained the design principles behind the Advanced Transduction Directorate loudspeaker. A four-piece, three-way system with an outboard crossover and line-loaded woofers, the 600lb Directorate has a very high claimed sensitivity of 96dB/W/m and bass extension of –3dB at 14Hz. Price is $30,000/system in light-oak veneer, or $25,000/system unfinished, as shown in the photo. With left and right speakers each driven by a 125Wpc Power Modules Belles 150A Reference stereo power amplifier ($2300), and a front end of CD files played with Sony Sound Forge running on a PC sent as digital audio to a Belles DAC and the new tubed Belles 22A preamplifier ($2500), the sound, even in an acoustically challenged room, had superb balance, dynamics, and transparency.

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I loved this room. Bill Roberts was fantastic, constantly talking about what was going on in his room, with his speakers, and about audio in general. There was real energy in this room. I liked the sound as well, but that's not my point. I was expecting more exhibitors to be energetic and conversational in their rooms. I was disappointed in that respect with AXPONA 2010. Thanks Bill for the excitiment and joy of audio. Next time, get a bigger room!

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Thank you John, the show was fun. Just for the blog purposes- Here is the contact info:billrobertsaudio (at) (for me) For Mr. BellesWow, did Mr Belles' equipment sound fantastic!

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I felt this was the very best room at the show. The system had amazing staging, dynamics, bass extenuation, sound staging, tonal balance and over-all detail. Even in this difficult and untreated room the sound was first rate. Both Mr. Roberts, and Mr. Belles were very helpful and informative. A truly classy team. Thanks gentlemen, for the amazing sound experience

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If you want music the way it should sound these are the speakers for you. Wake up walmart nation.

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" was expecting more exhibitors to be energetic and conversational in their rooms. I was disappointed in that respect with AXPONA 2010. "Me too, I liked that it was not high pressure sell, but geez at least act like you are glad we are both there!The Avatar room was energetic too. (and I'm not talking about the kids......)

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Wal-Mart nation can probably afford a $50,000 system.

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All I can say is, I have heard DOZENS of speakers over the $50K price range. Bill's absolutely kill them all. Period.I have never heard such accurate piano and vocals in my life, and I have been an audiophile for over 25 years.In two decades in the audio insdustry, these are the first home speakers I have heard that I MUST OWN, and I would literally sell my favorite car to buy a set, if it came to that.I've heard speakers "I can live with," and others that "Are great, aside from the lack of bass," etc. However, I walked out of that modest room at AXPONA saying, "I WILL OWN THOSE. I MUST OWN THOSE!"Someone please loan me $26,000! lol- Joe Mazzaglia, Auricle Audio Design, NA

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I was very impressed by Mr. Roberts' Directorate speakers even when demonstrated in a less than desirable environment at Axpona. I wanted to wait to write my further opinion of them after hearing them at Mr. Roberts' home - WOW, if you liked them at the show, you will be in awe when demonstrated in a better environment! These speakers are exceptionally revealing and detail oriented and certainly were not only my favorite at the show, but one of my all time favorite speakers period and I have owned, listened to and marketed many in my years involved in the consumer electronics industry. Anyone that is in the market for a high end set of speakers, should put these at the top of their list for audition as I could not fathom why anyone with a good set of ears would not be absolutely blown away by their performance. Kudo's Mr. Roberts for a job very well done!!