MSB Platinum DAC Line

MSB is not messing around at this CES. The company has announced a stack of new products, including the DAC IV variations seen here (from the top): Signature Platinum DAC IV starting at $13,995, the Diamond DAC IV starting at $25,995, the Platinum DAC IV starting at $5,995, and the Platinum Power Base to keep them running.

MSB's Larry Gullman was on hand to explain that these new DACs are 32 bit/384Khz capable, can have either a USB input or iPod dock added, and are available in either black or white finishes. I especially thought their four corner isolation system was ingenious, allowing you to stack as many units as needed, while keeping each product fully suspended.

Other new products at the show include the Platinum Data CD IV Transport 384khz/32bit high resolution disc player at $2,995, iLink Integrated Transport at $1,995, 2 ch. and 8 ch. Platinum Studio ADC 384khz.32bit high resolution ADCs starting at $14,995, and the M202 200wpc Class A monobloc amplifier at $17,500.

In addition, MSB is busy pushing digital audio so far out that they've had to create their own networking scheme to keep up with the data. Built around the same CAT-5 cables and connectors used for ethernet, the company says the "MSB Network" is a high bandwidth, low jitter, multi-channel, digital interface, which supports both DVD-Audio and SACD in their full resolution native formats. MSB's implementation of I2S can run at 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192 kHz with 32 Bit Resolution and up to 14 channels of PCM plus 6 channels of DSD.

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Just wanted to point out that our Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems - Black Box music server has adopted, and thoroughly endorses, the MSB Network.