Parasound's John Curl Phono Preamp

There were a few companies showing products on the 2nd floor of the Venetian, adjacent to the Sands Convention Center, where the Adult Show was being held. After John Atkinson and I grabbed a well-needed afternoon cup of coffee we checked out a few of the spaces on these lower floors. JA and I quickly found the Parasound/Atlantic Technology room—a pairing of companies I would not have come up with myself. On silent display was the brand new JC3 phono preamplifier ($2000). Those who know about Parasound equipment will already know that the JC moniker for this phono stage indicates that it was designed by John Curl, an engineer that many audiophiles (and reviewers) speak of only in hushed tones. As you can see from JA's photo, the preamp is divided up into shielded sections within the chassis to keep the dirty signals dirty and the clean signals clean. Each channel's circuitry is encased in a metal sub-enclosure, that also shields the input and output jacks, and is supplied super-regulated DC from the power supply.

Justin's picture

I really love these simple clean and well engineered designs.

GEORGE's picture

Did they forget to put the parts in the case? Is this what gives the music more "air"? Wouldn't a toroidal AC mains been more up to date?

KBK's picture

That is an R-Core transformer. Overall, it can be less noisy -and they usually are less noisy than any toroidal design. It is an excellent and extremely valid choice for a phono preamp. John is no dummy.