Trial By Stereophile

Most of the time at CES, Stereophile's writers prowl the corridors in solitary fashion. But occasionally we find ourselves in the same room at the same time, which was the case in the Blue Smoke suite at the Mirage, where we had gathered to check out the company's new server that Jon Iverson blogs about elsewhere in this report. Seen in this photo are (from left to right): Erick Lichte, Jon Iverson, Kalman Rubinson, Larry Greenhill (partially hidden), Blue Smoke's Peter Sills (back to the camera), and someone whose name tag I couldn't see. It gives you an idea of the inquisitorial mode we are in at Shows, desperate for detail but eventually satiated with sound.

Erick Lichte's picture

Blue Smoke: "I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition." Stereophile writers: "NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!"

Peter's picture

I have to admit, the first post was right on. We never expected to have the entire editorial staff converge on us. However, I would like to thank them all personally for the time they were able to spend with us. Also, the person whose name tag was not seen is Ron Lapporte, President of Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems.