Where's Pokey?

Lyngdorf was showing a $16,800 system that incorporated its RoomPerfect digital room correction system, which creates an EQ curve based on measurements taken in seven positions. The result is said to be a sweet spot that is spot-on in one position and "extremely fine" for up to eight target positions.

RoomPerfect components come with a measurement microphone and set-up is said to take 15 minutes.

The system on demo included the $2500 CD-1 CD transport/player, the TDAI-2200 control amplifier, the $1800 SDA 200Wpc power amplifier, $2600/pair DP-1 dipole loudspeakers, and $1400/each BW-1 woofers. That's woofers, not subwoofers—and the "BW" indicates that they are "boundary woofers," meant to be placed against walls.

I thought the DP-1 looked like Gumby, but the system sounded dynamic and musical. Halfway through the demo, Lyngdorf turned off the RoomPerfect correction and all the magic went away. The bass got tubby and overwhelming and the soundstage flattened, not just perceptably, but drastically.

The Lyngdorf system was impressive-sounding, but I also liked its looks, which admittedly will not please everybody. However, with the woofers against the boundary, they almost disappear and the Gumby-fied DP-1s are pretty unobtrusive. And these days, a complete system for $16,800 almost seems mainstream.

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